Stop giving food if basenji seem like he is getting used to crate?

  • My 1 1/2 year male appears to be behaving better when we put him in the crate. We have been giving him a kong filled with kibbles and yogurt to ease separation anxiety. Should we start to give him less and less so it is not addictive and we are not reliant on using that to help keep him in the crate without too much pushback?

  • Why in the world would you change what is working?

  • I never crated Fred, or any of my dogs so I don’t have any experience...but If you have something that’s working, continue with it.

  • Agree you should keep doing what you're doing. The kibbles and yogurt in a kong are a great idea. This combo will keep a dog occupied for a while and they are usually ready for a nap after the hard work of getting a snack. 😉

    In the context of observing that your dog is behaving better, It may be that your guy is just maturing. We've always been able to stop crating when the dog is about two years old. Seems like a magical age when they can be left alone and not be bored or disturbed or whatever. You can of course keep crating but you will likely have the option of not doing that shortly.

  • Someone told me, a long time ago, that with any other breed, food should not be used to get a desired behavior once it's learned. But with basenjis, it's ok to use food - all the time.
    My dogs are ok in a crate but to get them in it, I throw a couple of pieces of dry puppy food. I will be doing this as long as they live. It works!

    Keep up with the food - it works!

  • There's a consensus! I will continue as now. Thanks to all.

  • I occasionally throw a couple of treats in Binti's crate so when she comes by, the crate has magically provided food! She loves her crate now! Food works!

  • You can also FREEZE the kong. Makes it last much longer. 🙂

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