• Hello,

    I'm new to this community. I'm looking to adopt a Basenji in the near future, and have read extensively on their traits & characteristics. I feel that they would be a good fit for my lifestyle and personality.

    I do have a question that i haven't found much information on. I currently live in Colorado (Denver, to be exact). Recently, we've been experiencing a new trend of weather, raining nearly every evening. Obviously, the Rockies are best known for the chilly winter months, and beautiful summers. Unfortunately, the winter's seem to be growing longer each year, and the summer's are just VERY wet as of late.

    Question: Do Basenji's adapt well? I'm a HUGE fan of the outdoors, so rain, snow or shine, I'm outside. I would like a companion to enjoy these activities with me, but I'm a little apprehensive as I understand Basenji's really don't care much for precipitation (of any sort). Would it be cruel to subject one to this type of climate?

  • Basenjis don't like rain, but they can be convinced to go out in it, particularly if it is for a walk and not just out in the backyard, where they in many cases refuse to do their business! My theory is that my dog is thinking, "If I am getting wet, so are you!" 🙂

  • Sigh.. basenjis and rain. My other 2 didn't like it, but they'd go. Cara, however, has held until she developed a ruptured anal gland. We keep her on enough fiber and fish oil so she HAS to go. Sometimes it's the porch but hey, I'd rather clean the porch than have her explode or do damage and have to spend weeks soaking a ruptured gland opening. I did just buy her a rain coat, lol… haven't used it yet because after weeks of rain, none since it arrived. I doubt it will help.

  • Many Basenji owners in Co. area…. then do just fine.... honestly, no dog likes the rain just to go potty.... chase something... it is like "what rain"..... Start young.... keep to a schedule regardless of the weather.... Granted you will get just as wet as your Basenjis

  • Haha…they will adapt but how "outdoorsy" of a basenji you'll get it really a tall order. Be realistic in that there may be limits to what you can do with them outdoors and if you're ok with that chance then go for it, otherwise be open to considering a more suitable breed. I do think they are adaptable but whether it's the right fit or not is a good questions for the potential breeder. Consider contacting a breeder in CO, I believe when I looked up breeders for fun on the breed website there were breeders from that state- they'd know best

  • B's don't like rain but even in Holland there is always a dry spell to walk them.
    When it's cold, they wear coats, if it is wamere and it rains, the wear raincoats.
    It works fine!

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