• First Basenji's

    My profile photo shows three recent loses.

    Buddy the Tri (adopted from BRAT) passed from Cancer in Dec 2014. Tucker, the Jack Russell (adopted from the SPCA) passed suddenly in June (hemangiosarcoma?). Isis, my beautiful Brindle (from a breeder) passed 10 days later, also Cancer. It's been a rough year. I just adopted a brother and sister (Black and White) from BRAT.

  • So sorry to have missed this post. It's very late, but condolences on your losses. I would say that is a very tough year to have gone through. I hope your new BRAT acquisitions are working out well for you and bringing joy back into your heart!

  • So Sorry for your losses

  • This is very upsetting that the board isn't showing new posts and it must feel to posters like they are being ignored.

    I am so sorry for your losses. 😞

  • i am so sorry. i lost 2 basenjis about a year apart - i felt like i was just starting to get things together again so i can imagine how you must feel. i hope your new 2 basenjis are giving you lots to do and keeping your heart from breaking too much

  • First Basenji's

    wow, that is a lot for a heart to deal with, on the other hand, so glad you are able to bring in new energy to get you back on track with laughter and the wonder of learning new personalities! yeah, don't understand why the late post, but do get pics sent out! Love to hear that you are an adopter too!!!!

  • It's so upsetting to hear this. It makes one wonder why cancer is so common in our dogs. My two pups passed from cancer. I just recently lost Talker at 14 1/2 years of age. His niece Savannah passed at 9 years of age. I am so sorry that you have gone thru so many losses.

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