• I am looking for a black and white female puppy. Would prefer to be about 6 weeks to 2 months old. Any help I finding one would be greatly appreciated.

  • Welcome!

    Just a heads up, no responsible breeder will allow a puppy to leave their home at 6 weeks. 😉
    Try checking here for a breeder of merit in your area: https://www.basenji.org/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=111&Itemid=94

  • I second Crazysenji…....
    The dogs I meet, that have major behavioral issues, when I'm out walking my dogs, ..... all were separated at 6 weeks. The only puppies I've heard of being separated at 6 weeks 'responsibly' were being trained for major k9 police work and weren't being taken away lightly.

    BTW 100% bladder control isn't physically possible until a puppy reaches 6 months anyways....so getting a puppy too early is a moot point. I got my newest pup at about 3 months and there were no bonding issues.

  • Ok. The last one we had, we got at 6weeks. She dies last year at the age of 15. Best companion we ever had. My wife is ready for another one. We would prefer a b/w but a r/w would be great as well. Crazysenji–Thanks for the link, I will check it out.

  • As noted, and in fact it is not legal to place puppies before 8 weeks of age in almost all states.

  • I understand. Just trying to find a good puppy for the family.

  • Just letting you know that breeders or rescues are going to balk a little if you want a puppy at 6 weeks.

    Your best routes for puppies:

    Basenji Club of America has a breeder referral list on their website - some of the breeders post litter announcements, some of them you have to call. OR look for a basenji club in your state...or hound clubs sometimes have litter announcements. Some of them are willing to ship.

    • I've seen a couple different rescues have puppies available: Basenji Rescue and Transport, as well as the other ones like colorado basenji rescue. The issue with those is that they usually have waiting lists + the home inspections + not able to ship.

    • Petfinder/craiglists can be a good option if you know how to differentiate between scams and legitimate posts. I never see a lot of purebred basenji puppies on either one though. Mostly adults, or mixed breed puppies (if that's an option for you).

  • As most basenjis are born in Dec, you are very unlikely to find a 2 month old at this time of yr, but you could get on waiting lists for this years breedings.

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