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You have all been very helpful… I can't thank you enough for the support and advice! From all the feedback I have been receiving, it seems wisest for me to adopt a young adult basenji 🙂

My only concern about age is that I would like 7-month-old Atom and my new little girl to enjoy each other's company for many years. Even if he did get along with an older female, I would rather they be at approximately the same developmental level.

I have now applied with BRAT and am in contact with my local BRAT contact here in Orlando. Debra, you say that there are many well-socialized basenjis in Florida. If you mean the Wimauma pack, they are located a convenient 2 hours' drive from me. Once I finish the approval process with BRAT, I will probably look into a sweet young female from there. Are most of them available now? I noticed that only a couple are posted on the BRAT site.

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Thanks for the replies.

I have now spoken with the BRAT screener, who given me information about the local BRAT contact. She informed me that rescue basenjis can be younger, about 9 to 18 months old. Is this typical?

As for the breeders, Sherwood has a R/W female puppy that I might pursue if she is still available later this year. Also, I understand that basenjis often have litters in winter. I'll be keeping an eye out when new babies become available later this year.

What is everyone's advice about the age of a second basenji? Is it usually better to have an older female, or a younger one? Atom's temperament is, above all things, playful. He is not aggressive or dominant, but loves a good chase game with other dogs. Any tips would be appreciated.

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BRAT: Thanks for the information and advice. I didn't realize there were more rescues than are posted on the site. Accordingly, I have submitted the application online. Which local BRAT coordinator can I contact?

Breeder: Thanks for the link. I have now e-mailed every Georgia and Florida breeder on that list, asking about the possibilities for a R/W puppy or young female. Might there be other responsible, reputable breeders in GA or FL that are not on the list? Sherwood Basenjis in south Georgia is a name I have heard… are they recommended?

If anyone has another lead that I can pursue, I'd appreciate more replies. It is obvious that I have come to the right place to find rescuers and caring breeders 🙂

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Thanks for replying! Many of the basenjis on the site are a little older than I am looking for, but I will keep checking back. You are doing good work, and it sounds like many more will be helped by your efforts in the future.

I will also keep checking for replies on this thread, so I appreciate any feedback from breeders that are expecting litters with red and white pups.

All the best,

"Atom's Auntie"

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Hello everyone!

I am interested in purchasing a puppy or adopting a young red/white female as a companion for a 7-month-old male basenji that is currently part of our family. Our baby "Atom" spends most of his time inside the house, with hour-long walks every morning and evening. Most of his socialization comes through our school-age cousins and several friends with whose dogs we schedule play dates. He has lots of energy and enjoys playing with other dogs who are willing to chase him around.

We are not planning to show our basenjis, so the little girl would be a cherished pet and we would not mind any 'imperfections' that make her special. Our family resides in Orlando, Florida; although a local breeder would be preferred, we are willing to have her shipped if needed.

November or December would be the ideal time for a new female puppy or young female to join our family.

Thank you for your time… I look forward to hearing from you.


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