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I know they are late season litter and as we're just into 2021 i'am correct in asking if anyone is having any litters this year ..... please read my message properly then you won't have any confusion 😁

@jenny Where are you ?

@jenny OK - so now we know. Email me privately and I will send you a list of Breed Club Secretaries so you can get onto a list for this time next year collection of pup. My addresses are to be found on the websites in my signature block.

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@zande Funny that. I've only had one basenji puppy. She was born in May 😉

@vivsos I had almost more summer litters than winter ones over the years. Litters in May, July, September (several in each month) and odd ones other times. I found the bitches only had one true season and one was a summer girl. No way, despite trying, could we get her in whelp in Autumn. But while she obviously ovulated in the summer, she had a token dribble with the other (4) girls in September / October. They had a sympathy season with her in May or whenever. She herself was born in September.

Exceptions prove rules with Basenjis !

Well... maybe me and my robot voice are malfunctioning. So summer Basenji pups are a thing. Didn’t know that 🤪

@jengosmonkey supposedly about 5 % of litters are born out of season. Out of the normal time of year for that hemisphere. I had two litters into the data base yesterday, born in Australia in November and January.

I loved summer litters, Hoover and her sisters were born in July as were Firbi and his siblings. I put them all into a big black bucket used in the garden for weeds and carried them around to the main lawn where they had great fun and games. Firbi was born in 2000 and Hoover in 2008.

Plessy was born in September, mother of Firbi. Her first litter was born in April. She only ever had a token dribble with the other girls in Autumn.

Made life as a breeder very interesting. My first ever litter was born in April, out of a bitch whose sire had been imported from Australia by VTW. Veronica Tudor Williams.

@zande - I know many Basenjis that were imported from Australia, since they are in a different hemisphere, many keep to their season, their fall/winter that is our spring/summer. Some change, many don't.... My first two Basenjis were born late August & early September as were many Basenji in 1991. This is due to the Basenji National show was way earlier then in past years and there was a couple of Basenjis in season, many of the bitches then followed. But in the matter of a year or two, they went back to the typical Fall seasons and pups in Nov/Dec/Jan.

@tanza yes, but Lovebird of the Congo, sadly, only had one litter and then succumbed to a car racing on country lanes so we never knew if she would come in in Autumn next time around.

I always figure to get a rest through end of March to May/June from entering litters born during our winter into the d/b before the Australians start whelping and registering their 'winter' litters, born in our summer - sorry electrician working and he turned the power off at the mains . . . where was I ?

OK, back on again. Some revert, some don't. Again, its the rich tapestry of Life With Basenjis !

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