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I'm surprised your breeder has suggested neutering, unless there is something in the line they're not admitting to.
All I can suggest is read, read, read - and make your own mind up.
Having done the same, my choice would be to leave intact, assuming I ever have another entire dog. Don't forget, once it's done you cannot change your mind.
Rescues generally see the effects of irresponsible/accidental breeding and act accordingly.
It's not done to people (more's the pity IMNSHO), so why put your pet through it, just for convenience?
And make d*mn sure your dog does not get out!

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@zande Funny that. I've only had one basenji puppy. She was born in May πŸ˜‰

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She must have. The article goes on to say:
Lipman, 74, who stars as Evelyn Plummer alongside a basenji called Diva, said: β€œHe’s such a joy to work with...
(For those who don't watch Corrie, her dog's a greyhound.)

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I've had 3 basenjis, only one had seizures, started about age 15 and not frequently - had increased to approx monthly by the time she was PTS (unrelated to seizures).
I now have some kind of crossbreed terrier, we think she's about 17, and she's had seizures on 3 occasions in the last 6 months.

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Hi Sally. I"d love to know what mix is in my dog! Sadly, she was found on a beach & no-one came forward for her. She's definitely terrier - prob some kind of fell/border/Jack mix. Definitely no basenji!

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Equafleece are good, online only, I think.

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Might vaseline work? Make sure the neighbours aren't watching 🀣

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My first basenji had full blown seizures (lying on her side, paddling, pooing) but they were 3-4 months apart. Vet said until they occurred more frequently, it was better not to medicate. Took her about 4h to recover. A year later they were happening about once a month but she was PTS for an unrelated reason (spleen/liver/stomach tumour - she was 16).

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