Looking for a red and white puppy 🐶

We live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and have been looking to add a member to our family. The breeder I visited and selected will not have any puppies available until 2022... it is way too long for us to wait! I am ready to travel to go and meet a breeder that will have puppies available this year or beginning of next year. We have done all appropriate research and are very serious about having a Basenji in our caring and loving family. Thank you for any help that can be provided.

Hi Genny,
Try Teri Cuzzetto of Takari's Basenjis. She's in Gresham, Oregon and last I heard still has a R & W boy left from her litters. She's on FB if you want to see photos.
She's a reputable breeder and her lines consist of champion show dogs.
Let her know Helen referred you and good luck!

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Also from that region, Jumoke Basenji, Bryan and Laurie Gregory - he is president of BCOA, so you'll be getting top shelf puppies 🤞🏼
A girl was still available last month.

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