• Yesterday we said goodbye to our precious hardheaded tomboy princess Nicky. She was 16 back in September and had been in chronic renal failure for awhile, she started getting worse a couple of weeks ago. For once we timed it just right, she never had a really bad day, but each day she was deteriorating. She was a great little girl, a 2 year old BRAT from north Georgia who came to us with chain scars on her neck and buckshot in her leg, but was never afraid of anything or anyone. She had a taste for expensive leather goods and eyeglasses, fortunately we have a good sense of humor and were proud of her abilities. The boys are very sad, they both really loved that little girl, as did we. Chipley especially misses his cuddle-buddy, he and Eddie keep lying in 'her' spots. There will never be another like our Nicky, she was one of a kind. OF course we have felt that way about all our basenjis!
    She had a good life with us for the last 14 years, always part of a basenji pack and 2 humans who adored her. I hope she has found Topper at the Bridge!

  • So sorry for your loss ❤

  • Oh, Anne, I'm so sorry to hear about Princess Nicky. I remember a few years ago when she was so sick– pancreatitis?-- then bounced right back. She was a strong girl! It sounds like she had a rough start in life, but that was made up for many times over by having such a long, wonderful life with you and the rest of the MacPack. I'm glad her last days were good and that she never had to suffer a really bad, painful day. CRF is so hard.

    It's been just over a year since Spencer journeyed on without me. His birthday falls this week, so I've been thinking about all those much-loved seniors on the forum that have gone on to watch over us from a different place. I'm sure Nicky and Topper have found a sunny spot amongst them.

    Thinking of you all, humans and canines. Run free, little Nicky. You will be missed...

  • So sorry for your loss…

  • Thanks y'all.
    Seems like this time of year we lose many of the old ones, but a new batch
    of puppies are born, the basenji 'circle of life'.

  • That is odd.. I lost my boy last year in October and then my current boy was born a month later.
    Magical creatures they are ❤

  • I am sorry for your loss…

  • Very sorry for your loss. She sounds like she was very special especially after her hard start in life.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • So sorry our thoughts and prayers are with you!

  • So sad to lose our babies…I'm sorry for your loss and I hope Eddie and Chipley can lean on each other for support, dogs are good that way. It's never long enough before we lose them, I'm sure Topper greeted her

  • Sorry for your loss. This time of year is a particularly hard time to lose something precious, and yet so often it seems that is the way it goes. Sixteen years is a blessing, and you have many memories to treasure. And your boys to comfort you.

  • Anne, I am so sorry to learn of Nicky's passing. She certainly was a special girl and so easy to love. I am sure she and Topper are frolicking like puppies again at the Bridge. Losing our furbabies is like losing a part of our heart, and I know you will keep her in yours forever.

  • First Basenji's

    so sorry to hear of Nicky passing, although you said you timed it so she did not suffer. You, your husband, Chipley and Eddie are the ones who have it hard now. We never truly get over the spirit of our loved fur pal while they visited us on earth, but the memories of the 'antics' get us through the grief period. Condolences to all of you, thinking of you!

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