Mate viewing crossing the bridge…

  • Hello -
    I have a bonded pair of basenjis, both 14 years old.
    One, Fred, we believe has cancer, and has deteriated rapidly.

    Ginger has not been separated from Fred (as far as we know), and has separation anxiety when he is taken into another room at the vet.

    I was planning on taking her with us to the vet so she could be there when he passes, and was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Since they feed off of each other's energy, will she understand it better if she is there when he passes?

  • Oh i am so sorry for you, it's awful when our pets are ill.
    I have heard that you should let one pet see the other when it has passed away, then they understand. We didnt actualy do it with ours and Max seemed ok but then again the dogs didnt experience seperation anxiety.
    Sending best wishes to you at this difficult time.

  • We took 2 brothers along when we had their brother put down, they seemed to know and all were peaceful during, and they smelled and licked him after he was gone. They never went looking for him, and seemed very sad but not confused or fretful. I would take her along and allow time for her to inspect him, possibly on the floor with her. She may lay down with him, or she may turn away and try to get far from him, we have seen all kinds of unexpected reactions over the years. This is a very hard thing you are facing, I would recommend doing it all together as a human-basenji family pack.

  • Houston

    JennA, I am so sorry to hear about your uphill battle. I just put two dogs down a month a apart, and I didn't bring our younger dogs with us. Our dachshund had a really hard time with loosing our first dog and then again a month later when we lost our second dog..if I would've known to bring him I probably would've..or should've.
    He is still struggling, I think now 7 months later, he still misses them tremendously, and it doesn't help that he really doesn't care very much for Otis, our newest dog, the Basenji.
    I wish you strenght through this and know that Fred will be painfree, running again on the other side ..

  • I am so sorry but I think that is up to each family. There is just no way of knowing how or what the other one will do. I wish you the best my prayers and heart goes to you and your family.

    Rita Jean

  • I'm very sorry. I had 2 Basenjis that lived together for most of their lives. When I had to put Ringo to sleep because of a tumor I left Nika at home. I brought Ringo home and let Nika see and smell him. She seemed OK with doing that. Your 2 sound like they have a closer bond so that may not work for you. I think taking Ginger might be a good idea.

  • Oh gosh… I am so sorry. I don't have any personal experience, but I would probably bring my other dog if I had to make a decision like that. I am so sorry. It breaks my heart. 😞

  • I'm so sorry. When my beagle, Zachary, was suffering from cancer, I was planning to bring Nemo along when we were going to put him to sleep. This crossed my mind from Patricia McConnell's "The Other End of the Leash" where she tells a very moving story about putting one of her dogs to sleep in the presence of her other dogs. In my case, Zachary, passed away at home before we could do that. I had Nemo come over and let him investigate on his own. I'm not sure if it really helped Nemo understand what happened or not, but I'd like to think so. Best wishes in whatever you decide to do.

  • I do think it may help Ginger - when we lost our BG, she passed in our arms in the backyard. All the other dogs were still in their crates in our room. I brought them down one at a time and let them say good-bye. Her brother Tex sniffed all around her, especially her face, and then just stood guard over her. We finally had to pick him up. They were best buddies as well as being brother and sister.

    So sorry to hear this, we never have them long enough.


  • I am so sorry…please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers...((hugs))...

  • You all are so wonderful.
    I helped Fred to go meet Jesus today… the vet did an autopsy right after, and he said he had full blown stomach cancer that had spread to the pancreas and liver. So all that I had done was all I could do.

    I had been writing about some of the trials and meds on the "Basenji Puppy Matters" "Basenji Puppy Feeding" "Should I be concerned?" post. We have been dealing with it since July/August.

    I was his mom for 10 months, a BRAT rescue, and he will be missed.

    BTW - I did take Ginger, who is always high strung at the vet's office, even after a long walk beforehand. She was pacing the whole time, until the time, and she hung around for a little while, and stopped whining. Then she wanted to leave, and she never looked back, like she usually does, when he is in there getting tested. She didn't let out a peep in the car on the way home, came in, looked around once, and is now sleeping on the couch.

  • My heart goes out to you just know Fred is resting not hurting anymore. Fred will always and forever love you that 10 months I bet was the best of his life. Thank you for caring and loving Fred.

    Rita Jean

  • Oh so sorry to hear of your (temporary) loss. Fred will be waiting for you and Ginger.
    What areat picture to have as a remembrance too.

  • Houston

    He was a beautiful B. What a great picture to remember him by.

  • I'm sorry for your loss. I believe like others here, that having Ginger with you and your dear Fred was best. May your happy memories help you through this time of sorrow. Prayers to you.


  • Sorry for your loss… and in January when I lost OJ and Mickii within 1 week, that left Kristii as an only dog... considering she was born at our home, she had never ever been withount another Basenji in the house... She too has never looked back... and has quite enjoyed being the center of attention... and honestly that blew our minds.... but we are grateful

  • So sorry for the loss of Fred, what a handsome Basenji.

  • I am so sorry for your loss. Dogs are very "forward looking" most of the time, hopefully ginger will settle in as the center of attention.

  • I'm so sorry, but I'm also so happy to hear that you loved and cared for him even if it was only for a short time.

  • I'm so sorry for your loss and at the same time so thankful that you gave Fred a loving home even if it was for such a short time. Thanks for the follow up on taking Ginger with you. I'll be facing that decision myself. Hugs to you and Ginger.

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