Aunt Sable crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Sable, the last of our pack of Shiba Inu's crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Poor baby had been declining for the last few months and yesterday morning she couldn't get out of her bed without help. She had an episode a month ago when she couldn't stand on the hardwood floor, her feet would slide out from under her, but she was fine on the carpet. She has been a total sweetheart for her entire 15 years, even mothering each of the new B's, as they came into our home. We nicnamed her Nurse Sable, as she would clean and cuddle them whenever they yelped for any reason. She will be missed greatly. Now we are a household of 'Killer B's', Bitty, Baroo and Buddy.

Sorry to hear of Sables passing. I too had a Shiba Inu and we let her go a couple of years ago, she was 16. They are wonderful little dogs, so happy and full of spunk. She will be playing with Breeze (my shiba) over the Rainbow Bridge.

So sorry for your loss, Sable must have been a wonderful friend.

Sorry to hear your sad news, RIP Sable.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Sorry to hear about your loss.{{Hugs to you and the Bs}}

she sounds like a wonderful dog. so sorry for your loss

So sorry for your loss.

😞 I responded on your other post but again, am very sorry. What a wonderful 15 yrs you shared.

First Basenji's

RIP sweet Sable. I wonder if you'll still find clumps of her fur around the house for a long time to come? May you all heal with time…

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