Chezz is over the Bridge


Last April when I lost Nika I was hoping she would pass in her sleep at home but it wouldn't happen and she just got too bad off to wait for that to happen. I waited too long with my first and I feel bad about it 17 years later.

I agree with what Sally said…. those of us that have had to make that painful decision will always second guess our choice.

I was so sorry to hear of your loss. I never got a chance to meet Chezz, but I know she was a truly special Basenji.


Thanks Steve - Chezz was unique.

But you'll meet her daughter, grandson and grand-daughter soon.

And they are usually on offer - FREE - to a bad home. . .


Sally, I've only just come on the forum and read your news about Chezz - I am so sorry to hear - she was no age but you couldn't have let her suffer.

It's good to hear that you have such a sympathetic vet. we are very blessed too with a caring empathic vet and they are worth their weight in gold.

Thank you, Patty,

We are indeed lucky in that we have 5 Vets working out of the same office about 7 miles away, Janet, Ian, Phillip, Rick, Donal. I don't mind WHICH of them sees our dogs, they are all great. Phillip removed Keepurr's glove - the big leather one he ate. . . and still laughs incredulously about it.

Before we moved away from another veterinary practise about 4 miles away, it got so only the boss man was allowed near our dogs and that became a tad restrictive. That was 9 years ago now and we've never regretted the switch.


So sorry to hear of your loss - it is the last loving gesture that we do for our treasured friends.

I'm so sorry… I can't read about a loss like this without tearing up. May your tears remind you of all your happy memories together. xoxox

Thank you -

Marvin will make her headstone in the next couple of weeks. Laid flat, all our dogs have them and the lawn-mower can be pushed over them and they can be kept tidy.


Hope you're feeling a bit better now Sally. Benji is buried in our garden and i found a stepping stone with the sun on, i like to think he's sleeping under the sun, just like he loved.

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