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OMG - Vanessa & Alex!

Who would've guessed? How genius to think of doing this b/c resources like this didn't exist. Mucho kudos to you both! I am so very thankful and as I've said before, this forum is a blessing for me and Duke since bringing him home and discovered he is of a breed I didn't know. This forum and the people in it have helped make Duke's life (and my family) a positive experience together. I can imagine that for your caring and concern for the health of Basenji's, many more lives have been happily transformed.

I think this forum should be called "Leeno's Basenji Forums". Leeno will never be forgotten. Your experience with Leeno, your 1st Basenji is so very sad, but his life has clearly touched yours in an amazing way. So happy for you both for getting your Chance. These pictures are so adorable. Thanks for sharing your time and efforts here and know you've helped many-many lives.

Thank you and God bless you. 🙂

The loss of Leeno has brought us all together… so even in death, there is hope. I am so glad you have Chance. He is one of the cutest basenji's I've ever seen. 🙂 Thank you for bringing us all together.

**I am so sorry for the loss of Leeno. My heart goes out to you.

Those pics of Chance are absolutley adorable. And thank you very much for starting this forum. I had a feeling it was new when i joined but not that new, it has taken off amazingly well, and what a wonderful group of members.**

Well,Well,Well. Finally the Wizard behind the curtain.:D

Something that does so much good, inspired by a such a heartbreaking loss.
Kudo's to you both for not only creating this Basenji information resource, but a Basenji Community as well. My hat is off to you both and a great big THANK YOU!

Vanessa and Alex,

Thank you for providing the Basenjis Forums…there clearly was a need for an easy to access information source. This is a great site, and I am so glad it is out there! I am sorry for Leeno's loss...that must have been so hard...but so happy you were able to get Chance.


Well,Well,Well. Finally the Wizard behind the curtain.:D

Something that does so much good, inspired by a such a heartbreaking loss.
Kudo's to you both for not only creating this Basenji information resource, but a Basenji Community as well. My hat is off to you both and a great big THANK YOU!

Love that! And perfect words too!

Oh my! Leeno was stunning! I'm a sucker for the solid faces as the eyes stand out so much more – and he had beautiful eyes.

Thank you so much for creating this forum. I know I find it invaluable, and am on here every chance I get through the day. Obviously a lot of people had a need for it; look how quickly it has grown!

I am so sorry for the loss of Leeno, but ever so grateful for the fact that he led you to create this forum for the rest of us!

If you had not had Leeno this forum probably would not have happened, even though his illness and death were horrendous something wonderful came out of that ordeal. I can't imagine how it must of hurt to lose your little guy, I am so very sorry. But your baby Chance is just beautiful, that face would surely melt my heart. Love the Chance and cat pic, my B would never allow such a picture, Sahara, knows only how to chase my cat. Well, I just want to let you know that I am soooooooo very grateful for this forum. I am a first time B owner for a 1yr. 3 mos. old girl, and this forum has helped me many times. I come her almost everyday for info or just to see what is happening, I really enjoy what you have done for us and our Basenjis. THANKS, GOD BLESS YOU AND HUBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D 😃 😃 😃

leeno was so gorgeous. he truly must have been an angel. you guys are so caring and clever. we are all so grateful. i do know some breeders are recommending this place when they place a dog. i tell new brat families about it, when i get the opportunity. it has turned into such a great resource. thank you! (hugs)
and thanks to all of the people and basenjis who keep it informative and entertaining

Thank you so very much for all your kind words. This forum has become more like an extended family than just a message board. We watch everyone’s Basenji grow and offer kind words of encouragement when we have those "my B is making me crazy days"
All that Alex and I wanted out of our loss was a way to help others. It’s such an awful feeling knowing that you are all alone and have no one to ask for help. Especially since this breed isn't that common. Now here is a way to talk to experienced Basenji owners who are willing to take the time to help each other out.
I have to say thank you to everyone in this community. If it wasn't for you, Basenji Forums would not be here today. If we help one Basenji out than we have served our purpose.

Basenji Boy- Your picture put it nicely. I just love the little B insert.

Thank you again,
Alex and Vanessa


Basenji Boy- Your picture put it nicely. I just love the little B insert.

I couldn't resist:D … and your little dog too!:D

I am so soory to hear about your loss…Leeno was such a beautiful baby...I am happy for you that you now have Chance...

Very sorry to hear about Leeno. But very thankful that you started this forum.

Alex & Vanessa….how could we ever repay you for such an incredible contribution you have made to the Basenji community. I have gotten more out of this forum than you could ever imagine.

I pray that your kindess will be repaid to you both a 1 million times over with the addition of little Chance to your family 🙂

Although it is heartbreaking to experience the loss of your little Leeno I hope you can be comforted that his little life was not lost in vain. His life with you however short had EXTRAORDINARY meaning and purpose. It is because of Leeno that all of us can be here for each other. Thanks to you too Leeno..always remebered & will never be forgotten.

Thank you for sharing your story, I'm sorry and thanks for starting Basenji Forums!

Vanessa and Alex,
I can't thank you enough for starting this forum, I had no idea it was as a result of such sorrow. Leeno's legacy is that he has helped at least one Basenji be more understood and appreciated. I have such fun and get so much support and advice from all of the members. Nala and I truly thank you both from the bottom of our hearts.
((Hugs)) to you both – and to Chance too!

This site gave me encouragement when I felt completely helpless during Beta's illness. I was desperately looking for an outlet to share my experiences in case someone else had to face symptoms or decisions like I did.

I enjoy sharing my happy moments as well and enjoy the site you have given us, but really appreciate the ability to share facts about the breed with others.

Basenjis have such a sweet spirit in them that is unlike any other pet I have owned. They have had such a mysterious appeal to them with the curious descriptions of their demeanor and health.This site really helps people understand the breed as an asset.

Thank you so much for supporting me through my terror and pain as Beta passed so suddenly, Caesars depression and Cairos joining the pack which has brought us back to a healthy basenji family. I will always be a supporter of this site and share as much as I can to keep the site active.


Dear Alex and Vanessa ~

Your story touched my heart deeply, I was considering adopting a B from
Khani's after the loss of my dear girl Ziva, but in the process was moving
to Idaho and thought against it. Connie was so nice as was her daughter.

So sad for your loss, but glad to hear your Chance is a wonderful companion.

What a wonderful place to come to visit and be surrounded by those of
like minded hearts regarding Basenjis.

Hugs to you …

Nsana's Mom

I am so glad to have the basenji forum to help me learn more about my beloved breed.
Thank you for doing this for us all!


I just read this and realize maybe nobody will see this but… thank you so much for this wonderful forum..I have learned, laughed and cried so many times while browsing this wonderful outlet made especially for me..and you..and everybody else around the world loving basenjis. Thank you.

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