New to the forum and looking for 2nd basenji!

  • hello,
    my wife and i are u.s. citizens that work out in the Marshall Islands in the tropical north pacific ocean. we have a 7 yr old fixed female, Chant, who is a former show dog. We are looking for a young male companion for her. i am currently with my tugboat in Cairns, Australia for a month, and would love to bring another basenji home to the islands!

  • Welcome to the forum Micheal! I don't know a whole lot about where to get a basenji in Australia but I'm sure other people here will. Do you want a puppy or a young adult? Did you get Chant from Australia too?

    Some food for thought… it possible your 7 yr old would be slightly overwhelmed with the energy of a puppy?? We added a puppy boy when our girl was 4.5 and I swear she really only likes him, or much prefers him, when he's mellow. Otherwise it can be snark snark snark. She looks at us like "Save Me!!!!!"

    Best of luck with your search!

  • From one new member to another - welcome.


  • Welcome to the forum… 🙂 love to see us "wanderers" here

  • Welcome to the forum.

  • Welcome and of course we are looking forward to lots of pictures and stories.


  • Welcome! can?t wait to see pics!

  • Welcome to the forum !! Send us some pics please !;)

  • Hello and welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome to the forum here are a few aussie breeders for you : owner of these kennels is Kylie Delacourt then you have her name is Davina Hopkins and their name is David&Helen Veless.These breeders have a lot exchange with each other i?m sure one of them can be of help to you.
    Good Luck with the puppy hunt,Michelle

  • mauigirl,
    i am hoping the age difference won't be too much of a problem. my girl had a litter 2 1/2 yrs ago, so has experience with youngsters. the pup i am going to check out is 8 months old. maybe some of the puppy energy will have diminished (or at least it will abate more quickly).

  • I got a 15 week old puppy when my female was 8 and my male was 5. Both were happy to have a puppy around. They all spent hours chasing each other and the squirrels in the back yard around.

    Fortunately my puppy didn't pick up my female's habit of digging up the back yard.

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