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Welcome to the group . . . I'm new also, great fur people and good info,
congrats on your new companion also…..

Baroooo to you from Nsana's Mom

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Dear Alex and Vanessa ~

Your story touched my heart deeply, I was considering adopting a B from
Khani's after the loss of my dear girl Ziva, but in the process was moving
to Idaho and thought against it. Connie was so nice as was her daughter.

So sad for your loss, but glad to hear your Chance is a wonderful companion.

What a wonderful place to come to visit and be surrounded by those of
like minded hearts regarding Basenjis.

Hugs to you …

Nsana's Mom

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Thank you one and all for the warm welcome, it is nice to be among
friends who share the same affections with the B's.

I posted a photo it is next to my profile, I'm so new at this thread thing
I still can't figure a lot of it out . . .

Also welcome to the newbees also . . .

Thanks Sharron, you were right, and so happy they are such a welcoming
warm group. . . hugs!

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Yes, I spoke with them, they told me she didn't have any problems when I got her other than a small hot spot, which in fact turned out to be a yeast
infection. It is on her body as well as in her ears.

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Thanks so much, I will be changing her diet as soon as the new food arrives, I can't buy anything local, everything is ordered on line and arrives via UPS.
Slow process, the only one I know of though. I do bathed her in an oatmeal
based shampoo for this condition.

My last B had skin problems and I was able to clear it up with diet, suppliments and this shampoo . . . I'm hoping this will work with my new
girl as well.

Thanks for the imput, much appreciated.

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Yes, this is where my girl orginated from . . . she is the Jengi stock.

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Thanks for the welcome . . . I posted a photo, she is on the bed . .
You have one B? How old? Would enjoy hearing back from you again.

Nsana's Mom

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Hi again ~ Here I thought I'd posted the photo . . . duh . . . what
did I do wrong?

I'll try it again . . .

Anyway Sharron thought you all would like to know that my new
as of Saturday, August 9th forever girl came from Africa when she
was seven months old, she is dark red, black fringed ears that lay
down, yes you read it right, they don't stand up like the "normal"
basenji ears . . . don't let her hear that though, she thinks and I
know she is the prettiest little thing this side of Africa. She has
a short white strip that leads down to a white mark that looks just
like a dog bone . . . for sure she knows she is special for no other
B has one like this.

She is 2years 10months old, has had one litter of five pups, lost
one, she was spayed in May and has the sweetest personality and
loves to play with me . . . we go on long walks every morning, three
miles and her manners are excellent.

Oh, also, she does bark . . . yes . . . she barks folks . . . great guard
dog, each day I'm seeing just how protective of me she is.

I must tell you I was told she would take the previous owners to make
contact with by touch before she would accept me . . . guess what …
you got it, they arrived opened then van door, opened her crate, leashed
her, she jumped out of the van came right up to greet me with kisses . .
do you think she knew I was her new MOM . . . it was love at first sight.

What's not to love when it is first bestowed to you by a Basenji . . .
as mentioned in my profile . . . I would walk to the ends of the earth
for these dogs . . .

Well, enough of my bragging rights regarding my new forever companion.

Would love to hear from you all ..... until then . . .

Signing off with one big barooooooooooo!

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I was wondering if anyone has had problems with yeast infection in the
ears and on the body of their B's . . . if so, what treatment are you using
or did you use.

My girl has very badly infected ears from yeast, the vet put her on
antibiotis and ear medication for ten days, I was told
there are three different types of yeast infection, if in fact she has the
first type this treatment should clear her up.

After reviewing her history, it seems she has had similiar issues in the
past, nothing be noted about yeast infection though. Just serious skin

I was on line looking up anything I could find out and came up with excellent info on ear care and
disease - Otitis Externa or Malassezia Infections. There was excellent
info I found regarding the treatment that has been give to Nsana, but
the long term cure from this treatment isn't good, some healthy alternatives
are pro biotics, yogurt, cider vinegar, etc . . . any imput would be most
appreciated. I don't want to continue on with long term antibiotic treatment
if this continues to be a problem in the future.

Like to hear from you . . .


Nsana's Mom

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Hi I new to the forum, just came on board, had an invitation from my
dear friend Sharon Hurlbut . . . Thanks Sharron.

By way of introduction I live in Northern Idaho, Boundry County. Just
acquired a new forever African B, she is 2 years 10 months of age, had
one litter of five pups, lost one, was a good B Mom, and now a great
companion for me.

I've had three other B's, rehomed one, lost two. This is the only breed
I would walk to the ends of the earth for, they are special beyond words.

I look forward to getting acquainted with all of you and enjoying the site
for the helpful info . . . good friendships . . . and just plain old B talk!

A big baroooo to all of you . . . :p

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