Cycling with 2 B's is possible!

  • We had a cold winter and just as cold a spring so far, so all kinds of poo (dogs, birds, rabbits, hares) don't rot away. Which Lela and Binti love, because they can snack as they please when off leash. So I decided to hop on my bike again and see what gives. I tried one of these contraptions sticking from your bike before, but that didn't work, not even with one B attached.

    It turns out they are absolutely wonderful! I put them on either end of a 6 ft. (1.8 m.) leash, hold it in the middle and keep them squarely beside me on the right side. As soon as we go, they focus on the running. They notice the birds, but keep going forward. The biggest challenge is other dogs, but then I stop to let them sniff or keep going slowly to let them settle again.
    At times, I don't feel I have two B's on the leash! Very different from walking….

  • I've biked mine, although not two together. Sunny was pretty easy. Perry is dog aggressive, so my strategy is to keep moving fast if we have to pass another dog. Either that or stop and get off the bike! I do get a very fast ride if another cyclist passes me, as he wants to chase. 🙂

    It's a great way to give them exercise when you don't have a lot of time for walking and it isn't feasible to let them off leash…..

  • I wish you could get someone to film you! That sounds great. 🙂

    Hey, wonder if they make BLINDERS (like for racehorses) for dogs? Then Perry would have to look straight and center. Okay maybe not.

  • I would love to try biking with my dogs, unfortunately I think I would end up going over the bars. We take Tucker out with the quad. We bunjee strap a 2x4 onto the back rail and have a harness and stretchy lead for Tucker. We make sure he is far enough from the back tire then hubby drives and i sit on the back to make sure he doesnt stop or something silly when we are moving. He goes nuts for it!! We make 2 laps of our neighborhood which is about 3.4 km and he does about 20-25 kph. Now every time he hears the quad start up (even in the winter to plow the driveway) he runs around whining to go for a run! We just got dumped on again with snow so it will be another 2-3 weeks before we can start with the quad running.

  • wish you can post some photos, these is Zulai, i think that stuff is the best option because is low set on the bike, i use another and cant keep and eye on Maca all the time. So in the future will buy these. Its expensive but well…

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