Basenji Collar

My Basenji girl has just enjoyed eating a wonderful leather collar that I had handcrafted for her in England some years ago. It was made out of saddle leather - it was soft but durable and designed priniply for grey hounds and whippets and wide back. I got the web address from someone on this website but alas am unable to relocate it. If you are aware of the site I would be most greatful to hear from you. Alternatively if you could suggest another suitable collar that would be terrific. My girl is just over 5 and still lovins chewing!

I dunno anything about handcrafted leather collars,lol…..but I love Coastal Pet Circle T Rolled Leather Dog Collars.

They're cheap, fairly sturdy...and they come in a variety of shades and thicknesses.

I don't know about England, but there is one in the Netherlands. makes handmade leather hound collars with wide backs

Tanner Goods ( makes some gorgeous collars.

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