What type of collar does your Basenji wear??

  • What type of collar do ya'll use for "all the time", as well as walks, etc?

    Jack, our 10 month old, has been wearing a woven, nylon collar. There's a spot on his lower neck/chest where it appears that his fur is basically rubbing off and the skin right there looks a little inflamed. I can't tell if it's from the collar itself or from his tags, or what. Before it gets worse I want to try something else. Right now he doesn't seem sore there or anything, but I don't want it to get to that point.

    Has anyone else had this happen?

    I've found a couple of collars that looked/felt softer, a little padded, etc, but they were all pink or foo-foo.

    Thanks in advance,
    Karla in TX

  • We use only rolled leather collars. They don't flatten or rub off the neck hair and they look nice too!

    They run about $10.00 from 3C's: http://www.3cdog.com/product_info.php?cPath=28_33&products_id=1384&osCsid=bbf

  • That's good to know. I looked at some of those, but couldn't tell if the seam would rub. Thanks for that suggestion!


  • @rockinmommy:

    That's good to know. I looked at some of those, but couldn't tell if the seam would rub. Thanks for that suggestion!


    The seam is not a problem; it doesn't sit directly on the neck, but is more on the side of the collar.
    I'm sure you will get many more recommendations, so good luck in finding the right collar for your dog.

  • Well everyone has thier own preferance to collars, lol, so it's up mainly to what works for you and what works for him.

    Most use wider martingal collars.

  • I know several owners do use and like the martingales. I'm just not a fan.

    I had a martingale for Jazz; actually still have it,I just don't use it.
    I found it did flatten the hair on her neck.

    When I take the rolled leather collars off, there's no sign there's been a collar on. When I removed the martingale, there was a clear line for sometime indicating that a collar had been there.

    Do you not have the same problem?

    The martingale does tighten on the neck when the dog pulls, but I also find that I don't need that aspect as it was no more effective in stopping a pull than the leather. And since my dogs are always ahead of me when they are pulling, there's no chance that they will slip out of the collar. {They'd have to kind of back out of it}

    I also like that the rolled leather are less visible on the dog.

  • We use martingale collars for walking…but their tag collars are flat buckle types.

    But all the collars are fleece lined so their fur doesn't rub off. Although the new Xmas collars I ordered will be satin lined 🙂

  • We use martingale collars for walking

    we do as well. we had buckle collars come unbuckled on walks and once we tried the Martingale collars (like the horse briddle?) we never looked back.

    Funny how we could only get them at dog shows.

    What size are basenji's, I measured ours and they were about 14'' around?

    As for leashed our dog figured out how pop the non swivel clasp leash, he would jerk sideways real quite and just popped right off!

    luckily he just stopped, surprised like what happened?

  • My dogs to not wear collars at home.. only if we are traveling

  • Mine too, Pat!

  • I keep collars on my dogs at all times, w/ID tags, rabies tags, and AVID tag. If they do escape the door or fence, they are easily identifed, And the finders will know right away where they belong.

    I don't trust that anyone will automatically think to go have them scanned for microchips, although my dogs are chipped for any time that they may escape and be found w/out a collar.

  • I had a nylon type collar, but my 9 month old male chewed it up while it was on him. Now he has a leather collar with spikes and studs. He looks so good with that because he's a tri and it fits his look well.

  • @jys1011:

    fleece lined so their fur doesn't rub off / satin lined

    I think that's what I'd like to try for him. Where to do get the lined collars?


  • Mine are naked at home, and have safety-choke collars by Nick Russell of Bluegrass Collars and leads that we use for walks. They snug up when the dog pulls so they can't slip the collar, but you adjust it so it does not actually choke them. He has a web site and makes the collars to order, less than $20 for most and they last for years! I use the 1 inch or wider, it is easier on the throat.

    Anne in Tampa

  • We do not keep collars on ours at home. They are chipped and when we used to do it, one chewed the collar off the other one and ate parts of it, then threw them up about 2 weeks later. That was it on collars when we were not around.

    We also only use harnesses to walk them. I just do not trust a collar because they can wriggle out too easy, even the Martingale style we just tried on our puppy.

  • rockinmommy-we got fleece lined collars at ALL HOUNDS. I like their policy. If your dog chews up his collar they replace it for free 😃 Check it out!


    And the lady majestic martingale collars uses satin to line her collars…aahh soft 🙂


    Good luck!

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