• First let me start by saying you have NO IDEA how HAPPY I am to finally find other Basenji owners. They are truley a VERY UNIQUE breed, and have unique quirks, needs, and ways about them.

    ok, that said, my topic…Collars. I have yet to find one that is good enough. Tucker needs one that is WIDE, flat, no sharpness to the hole edges, and it MUST buckle (not snap or clip). So far, I've tried wide nylon, leather, and even padded. They ALL have rubbed the fur off the front side of his neck (above the chest). The skin is fine, no irritation at all, but the fur gets "worn off" for lack of a better term. I use a head harness when out in very distracting places, but I do NOT rely on it, so I need to find a collar that is suitable for daily use.

    Has anyone experienced this w/ their dog? or have suggestions? Tucker is a mix, so he's larger than the average B... he weighs in at just under 50lbs. He's STRONG... solid muscle. although perfectly trained, he's still a B, and can yank me right off my feet if a squirrel goes by. so I need a strong, well made, wide, buckle, yet SOFT collar.

    TIA for any suggestions.

  • Have you considered a rolled leather collar?
    { http://www.dogclothes-apparel.com/sites/CollarsandLead-P/RolledLeather.html} They are rounded so they don't rub the hair off the neck; they buckle so there's no chance of coming undone;are strong, etc.

    Or a martingale collar {http://www.pudelz.com/store/poodle_gear/martingale_collar/}, which are wide fabric, don't buckle, and hold great.

    I've included the web addresses only for reference. I don't know anything about the specific businesses listed.

  • thanks for the ideas. I think the martingales are great training tools, but not suitable for everyday use (at least not for me). I may try the rolled leather if I can't find any wide/flat collars.

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