• Just wondering what you all use for your Basenji collar wise. Currently we are using a nylon clip style. The problem is his neck is weird. This is my 1st Basenji and dang they have long necks, I am used to Labs. Any collar fit all the labs.

    All of Meeko's collars seem to be too big and very loose. I really want to get a leather collar and would like it to be like at least an inch thick (dont want it to be a thin girly one).

    Any help would be great.



  • Wide collars spread out the pressure when they pull (and they all do some of the time). I think most use martingale-type or safety-choke collars that get snug when pulled and won't slip off the head.

  • There's all kinds of collars on the web from cammo to studded to bling and some that are extra padded and all kinds of prices from a few dollars to several hundreds (here's one for $460: http://www.dogcollarsboutique.com/8-Row-Large-Swarovski-Crystal-Dog-Collar-3-colors-available-p-291.html). Search the forum for a previous discussion on collars and you'll find several good sites.

    As for pulling, because Gossy pulls A LOT when on our afterwork walk, I have tried a lot of different collars and harnesses. I used a wide martingale but the metal sliders (to adjuste size) were so heavy they twisted the collar; I used a narrow martingale but it was no different than a regular collar; I used two different body harnesses and unless it has a collar as part of the harness she can get out of them but they did work to control pulling; now we use the Gentle Leader head halter though she really hates it and will growl at me when I put it on but she knows that's the only way she gets to go for a afterwork walk.

  • collar on all my Basenjis and they work fantastic!


  • I have used these collars for many years now and usually send each pup home with one, Canine Equipment based in Canada Martingales are my favorite, very much like the Silverfoot collars.
    I recenlty bought a new collar made by a sight hound person, its made with beautiful ribbon (wide) with brass clips the stitch work is very strong and the base of the collar is made from seat belt material. No chain but sinches up tight when pulled and can be worn flush agains the neck. I'll try to send a photo of it.

  • I have the Silverfoot collars and I really like them – very well made.

  • I buy martingales from Lupine as they are nice and have a lifetime warranty even against chewing, I have never tried the type with the chain, may look into that. I also have some very nice one inch fabric slip chokes from Nick Russell of bluegrass collars that the boys won at the nationals a couple yrs ago, I love them and they last forever, as long as you remember to hang them up above basenji reach when taking them off. Nick has his collars on his Facebook site under photos, lots of selection. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/media/set/?set=a.1059601211802.2009725.1279053901

    Tempest destroyed one of my whippets collars last week that my unsuspecting husband left within her range. Scotti has a nice new collar enroute now to replace it.

  • I have purchased 3 collars in the past from http://northwindcatalog.com/. They are made by a whippet owner/breeder, they are very sturdy and durable and long lasting, and there are many colors, styles and thicknesses to choose from (though I don't think they have leather). Lola has had her northwind catalog for 2.5 years now, and it is in near perfect condition.
    Callie used a northwind catalog collar, too, until she won a Nick Russel collar at the National 2 years ago. The color suits her better than the northwind collar, so that is her daily collar now. Her Nick Russell collar is 1.5 years old & in great condition.

  • I have used Nick Russell's collars for many years and they do not wear out. I have never had even the most wily basenji slip out of one and escape. And he will custom-make them for you if you send your ribbon to him. We are lucky that so many good products are available, everyone is bound to find something to fit your needs.

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