• Hi everyone. Sandy is expected to make landfall tomorrow afternoon/evening. All news is pointing to "this WILL" happen, around here preparations have made made as early as last Monday. Water,batteries, candles, generators are all out of stock around here. All I can hope for is that we don't get hit too severely here in MA but word is the entire east coast is in for a lot, especially NJ.

    Hoping that everyone is well prepared and stays safe and keeps their animals safe as well!!

    Best wishes

  • stay safe and check in when you can.

  • Stay safe and be prepared… leashes, food, crates at hand.

  • Having lived through a number of hurricanes while living in Florida I can tell you the most important thing is to have crates, food and water for a minimum of 5 days. Most of all, you should have a generator, as if the power goes out it could be as long as a week. Most of all, good luck and we will be praying for you all.

  • good luck and stay safe

  • And cash since machines, banks, ability to use credit/debit with lines down etc may hamper necessary purchases.

  • First Basenji's

    East Coasters, please check in and let us know you're safe when you get the chance.

  • I don't believe sandy has hit down in NJ yet buy things have really picked up here…the wind and rain is really wild, certainly not normal screaming rain. I of course am working as CVS never closes so I'm worried about Oakley. My biggest dilemma was whether or not to crate him. (I did) but I was worrie if a tree fell into the house he wouldn't be able to get away but then again I didn't want him to be able to get out either. I have a feeling the worst will come 4pm on...we aren't getting hit as strongly here where I live because I'm farther out from the coast of MA but they are urging people to stay off the roads..(yet CVS is slamming busy, damn people!)
    Will keep u posted!

  • Friend posted this.. gosh, scary to need to but good ideas::::>>Computers all backed up - external hard drives now resting safely in ziplock bags in a sturdy trunk. Paintings, photos, china figurines, really old books… ziplocked or wrapped up in trash bags and stored in the strongest room. <<

  • @Chealsie508:

    I of course am working as CVS never closes so I'm worried about Oakley.

    That just seems crazy and unsafe to me. Why would they stay open? When I lived in SWFL back when Charlie hit, everything shut down 1-2 days before. Of course, we were supposed to get the brunt of the storm before it bounced off the islands and moved north to Port Charlotte, but we still had quite a bit of damage. I hope Oakley's doing ok. My in-laws' previous dogs were left alone during Charlie since they were out of state and my husband was watching them, but had gone over to a friend's. The female was terrified of bad storms after that, though the male was fine.

    One thing I always recommend now because of Charlie is make sure you have as much laundry done as possible! Seems a bit silly, but I was back at work the day after Charlie and we didn't have power for nearly 2 weeks and I hadn't washed clothes right before it hit….not fun. Luckily school was out so even though I worked, I didn't go through clothes nearly as much as I would have had it been open.

  • My particular store is 24 hours, 365 days a year! I manage their healthcare therefore the brunt of patients I see are elderly…so you can imagine I had no business!! However after 6 years I can also work pharmacy and am management.so they always find a use for me. I've never heard of our store closing...not in my district or around us...I left at 3, Oakley was fine, happy to see me ( I leave animal planet on so it muffled some of the noise. Currently we're resting, channel 5 news stated that since our water barriers were built in 1969 (RI) this will be the first true test for them. The surge us expected to be overpowering and the city is awaiting the test to see where floodwaters will go. Currently (as of 6pm EST 80k people are without power, ours went out briefly and we've had flickering. Just finishing up my last load of laundry, dishes done..always have candles,flashlights and batteries and water so nothing new there. Couldn't get oak to pee outside, even after putting on his hurtta four legged suit...put down some emergency pee pads in the kitchen..I can't blame him, he'd blow away out there! Back to work at 9am..hoping the worst will be over by then...hope those in NJ are ok!

  • Well Charley was a Cat 4 when it hit, so pretty much everything closed down, even stores like CVS which were usually open 24/7/365. Heck, school was out for at least a week if I remember right, if not close to 2. I hope the water barriers hold up and very glad to hear Oakley was ok. And yep, he'd be blown away! During some of Charley (the times when we felt it was ok to peak out the windows) we watched our neighbors shed get blown away and my car was just about ready to get flipped, but thank goodness stayed put.

  • Chealsie, hope you are OK and have power. Check in when you can.

  • I lost power last night but only briefly, I attribute that to the downed tree on my street. Many of our streets were flooded and the one at the end of my block was blocked off, I abutt the ten mile river and although it hasn't crested yet on my way to work the grounds were just too saturated for the water to even drain into the river… Many in surrounding towns and in RI are without power (in one town 2015 out of 2016 are without power)...and for those who have we'll water then they are without both power and ability to function. I'm very fortunate out of those around me nevermind NY an NJ. They were hit so hard, a block of ten houses was on fire; the families losing everything precious to them and firemen were t even able to get to the houses...it's just a disaster and very devastating to the east coast. My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost, are injured and left without homes, belongings.

    ...we tend to be saved from a lot of natural disasters and this time we were not spared..

  • While the flooding is terrible, those homes that burned seem somehow more tragic. People hunkering down from a horrible storm, then having to leave their burning homes, likely taking nothing…out into that terrible storm. So many people losing homes to fire and water. Hard to comprehend the magnitude of the losses.
    Glad you are OK!

  • I'm so glad everybody is safe. And I'm glad Oakley came through his first hurricane unscathed, Chealsie. It all looks devastating. I hope the animals fare better than they did after Katrina. Some of those stories just broke my heart.

    If there are any stranded Basenjis in need of a place to stay, I can help one out for a while. My house is awfully quiet without a B.

  • First Basenji's

    Ahhh! Just got internet back and I was so lucky to have power this whole time. I have been out from work for 3 days just got back today. I work as a vet tech at a hospital really close by. They were still seeing emergencies during the worst of the weather as best as they could with out power and doing appointments in the dark. Now we have power but we moved the washer and dryer from the basement to avoid damage. Now we can't do laundry because we do not have the man power to move them back down everyone ran out of gas in their car to get to work or other reasons they can't make it. Everything is twisted. My boss has been showering with her son in the sinks at work.. its so sad. Gas is IMPOSSIBLE to get it people are waiting for HOURSSSS in their cars and others on foot with their cans. I am SOO SO Soooooo lucky to have power and filled up on gas a day before it got bad. There is only one food store that I know of in the are that has power the rest are running on generators and can not supply the energy to the refrigerated items so they ordered huge dumpsters and EVERYTHING is going; produce, meat, fish, dairy, frozen, anything that once was cold its crazy to see all the waste. People are so hostile but I did see a man giving free hot food on the side of the road in the town over. Everything feels so surreal. I just saw pictures of the Jersey Shore, all my childhood memorize could never be recreated because it is destroyed, I feel terrible for the home owners and their pets down there. Also NYC is out of control with their damage. I can't believe how Halloween was canceled yet another year here in Jersey because of weather. I hope we can bounce back like Americans do but my heart goes out who had it the worst.

  • Stay safe everybody in the area.

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