Sandie's Roomies… Poor things are worn out from her chasing

This is Mikey… he is more or less responsible for Sandie being here... If you read Sandies story of how i aquired her, you will understand... He is 2 years old

This is Sweetpea …She is 11 years old

And last but not least… Mr. Bob... Sweetpea brought him home by mistake,she tells me this after she decides he isnt fun any more... He is 10 years old

I also have a Blue Crown Conure… named Lollie... I just dont have any way of posting her picture 😞 ... She is 17 years old

So adorable, and I love the way Sandie is looking at you. I've seen that look many times from Nala! Funny how they all can be so similar…Love the pictures!

Gorgeous cats! Too bad you can't post pictures of your conure. I love conures, they are such fun birds!
Edited to add I think that conures and Basenjis are a bit similar in personality…Do you find this to be true as well?

I really have'nt thought about it but yes they are … mischeivous

We have a Greyhound and an Italian Greyhound. No Basenji yet, but still hoping. Got an email from the group, but it was more like their "junk" mail mailing. The Thanks for applying, we have lots and lots of other dogs, please take a look on our site, we send this to everyone who has applied or is a member. Thanks you again for applying. That sort of email.

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