• This week I made a photoshoot of our pack 🙂

    E.T. is doing very well, she is totally at home with us and she is cute… so cute..
    I have to keep in mind that she is only a foster because she is sooooo sweet 🙂

    Ryan and the boys





    The Basenji's


    E.T. and Enya

    All together

    James and Buana

    Ryan and friends

    That's all!

  • ROFLMAO, ET says HEY you have a child and a cat, can't you take a bit more dog variety and make it a FAILED foster? 🙂 Wonderful pictures.

  • First Basenji's

    Do you do photography work or is it just a hobby? Great camera/ Great shots! and I never saw a human that made a Basenji look so LARGE! Your son is a doll-baby! What a great looking pack, agree with Debra, she must become a failed foster…...............:)

  • First Basenji's

    Amazing, beautiful photographs, excellent lighting and you have a great pack leader in Ryan. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great pictures. Your Bs are so gorgeous. I love Chaffie as I have a big soft spot for brindle dogs.

    E.T. has the most beautiful amber eyes…

  • gorgeous photos as usual. Your family looks so harmonious. How on earth do you manage to get them to pose so nicely together

  • Soooo cute!!!!! Love the one of Ryan having his 3 basenjis sit for a treat!

  • 😃 Thank you all so much 😃

    How do I manage to get them all sitting nice? euh,.. You don't want to know how much time I spend to get these pictures and how I was crawling at the floor..
    At one moment, I tried to make a picture of E.T., with Enya steeling the treats from my pocket, Chafuko sticking his nose in the camera (I want too I want too) Buana sitting as a gentleman behind ET (he wants too) and a child lying on top of my back because it's way too funny when your mom is down on the floor with the camera 😃

  • Kim I LOVE all your photos! The dogs look great and Ryan is a little "dog whisperer" already, he obviously has a wonderful relationship with them.

  • Great pictures! Personally I find the hardest thing with dogs (or kids!) is that they get bored with the whole thing easily. I generally get my best pictures in the first few minutes, unless I can get an assistant to do something very interesting or make an unusual noise. Horses are easier. I can usually get that alert look with an umbrella or a mirror. 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    Yay! I'm always so happy to see pictures of your pack. Enya is growing up so nicely! E.T. has amazing eyes.
    I always think there's no such thing as a "problem" dog (or cat?) in your home! They always look like they get along so well.

  • I love all your pictures and all your pack but something about Chafuko has always seemed extra special. I very much believe eyes tell the story. When I look at Chaffie he seems wise, And of course Enya still has the puppy eyes of wild independence. Love them all : )

  • Chafuko does look wise, doesn't he? However, I have learned not to be fooled by Basenji expressions. They are very good at "innocent", too. Doesn't mean a thing! 😉 It is great to see everyone getting along so well and looking so comfortable together.

  • 😃 Thank you all!

    Chaffie IS very wise, he is a special boy… still warns me when I get an allergy attack or an attack with my stomach (really don't know how you call that in English 🙂 ) but also his big people indicator.. Chaffie can tell me in a second everything I need to know about a new person 🙂

  • These are beautiful pictures - I'd no idea how you always manage to get such good shots - now i know your secrets!! All I have to do is to get a little boy on top of me while crawling on the floor with my camera!!!!

    Yes Chaffie is certainly a special boy amongst a special family.

  • That doesn't surprise me about Chafuko…I know basenjis have great poker faces but there is something innate about some dogs eyes that shows they are windows to the soul. Unfortunately, my little Oakley isn't a window but a brick wall (lmao), but I love him nonetheless. My first dog had that look and he too could sense my childhood seizures and was always by my side when I was sick. I usually find that look in the older ones but even then it's few and far between.

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