Lela and Binti with a pack in the sand

  • http://tiny.cc/k36xmw
    A 3 hour walk with 10 B's in a wooded, sandy area, 1 hour from Amsterdam.
    We met all sorts, from an Irish wolf hound to the tiniest kaninchen.

  • That looks like a blast, I wish we had something like that in New England, id love to spend the day with a bunch of basenjis and their owners!

  • If I keep looking at your gorgeous photos, I'm going to end up trying to convince my husband to move over there!

    Looks like they had fun. The B owners here in Orlando need to come out of hiding!

  • That's the advantage of living in a small country….

  • I believe Orlando has a climate more suitable to B's - we have a lot of rain and cold over here, so think twice…

  • We get quite a bit of rain during spring and summer; this year in particular was ridiculous in fact. Orlando is mostly hot and humid with some periods where it's cooler, like the cold front we have currently, but I think this winter will actually get pretty chilly (for us). Outside of the rain, it can well suited to B's, though From about June through August most days were ones where Loki didn't want to be outside or couldn't be outside for very long, with the exception being the dog park as there is a lake which he'd go in to cool off.

    And I'm just joking about my husband moving 😉 I can't even get him to consider moving cross country to Oregon or Washington so there's no way I'd ever get him across an ocean!

  • Tana, maybe the 'Tampa pack' can do a road trip to your big park. It looks big enough for a long walk. Is the whole park fenced?

  • Lela and Binti certainly had a wonderful day with you and all their friends. Your photos are wonderful!

  • Anne, yep Fleets is fully fenced and definitely big enough for a long walk and some squirrels in the wooded area. You and Don should check out ffpp.org, it's a website run by a group of volunteers for the park we regularly go to and has some good pictures of the park. Also Gemini Springs is quite nice, though it's in DeBary so a bit outside of Orlando, but not too bad. So far we've found one B boy about 1 year older than Loki and another who is 1 week younger who we've had playdates with. The guys who own the younger are getting a second B this season and just got a new neighbor who has 2 B's, and since we'd like a 2nd maybe we'll slowly build our own 'Orlando Pack'. Then we'd just need to get Tampa and Orlando together!

  • LOL on rain.. yeah that would be a deal breaker with Cara. Wonderful pics and videos!

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