My pack

attached please find a few pictures of my doggies. I have named the pictures so it should be no problem to identify them.

I will read through your help files to find out, how I have to upload the pictures to be visible in the text message…




Very nice looking pack you have there 🙂 Welcome to the forums!

Hi Esther… great looking pack!!!

I love the name Panda for a black & white B! 😃

Very nice. On the fifth pix is that a full basenji. What an interesting face.

Your dogs are all very pretty! Your basenji mix is interesting looking. Do you know what the rest of the "mix" is?


@ Laura & Pat,
this is Gromit and in the background Jester. Gromit is half Basenji. His mother is/was (I don't know if she is still alive) a red and white Basenji girl. His father is unknown. But Lola' s owner ought to know that it was a black and white street dog in Spain. So I really have no Idea, what the other part of Gromit would be…

Gromit hat a outstanding mimik. I always am totally fascinated about that...


Lovely dog…I love your tag line.
Its totally true.

Beautiful dogs!

Anne in Tampa

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