My pack, guess which one thinks shes a basenji, she rules them too!

What a beautiful family! I have a basenji/terrier mix who is the boss of my B boy too! So funny

What a great picture! Looks like they were posing for you.

What a darling picture! LOL on the faux-basenji boss. 🙂

First Basenji's

Actually, I was at a photoshoot of a friend and she wanted to warm up so she put the pack on this couch and bingo, the magic happened, she is very good, and I also taught them stay and they do until I release them. Basenjis are photo hogs anyway!

This is a beautiful shot-- definitely worth framing! I have 100s of shots of a spot where a dog was a second before... and 100s more of a curly tail dashing out of the frame. 🙂

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