Lela and Binti hit the beach in a big pack

  • http://tiny.cc/u6k7lw
    Lela and Binti's first long beach walk yesterday with about 12 B's on the North sea board, west of Amsterdam.
    They had a wonderful time - even Binti, who usually tires easily from canine interaction kept running and playing all the way (taking occasional time outs to snack on sea weed!).
    We were very moved and proud to see that even with all the excitement, L and B kept coming back to us regularly to check, or making eye contact from a distance.

  • First Basenji's

    What a great slideshow! I laughed with delight when I saw all those R/W B's!!! wonderful! You should be proud that they all looked back at you regularly, good feeling I know! Bravo!

  • loved watching all the vids and looking at the photos 🙂

  • Fabulous - loved the 'chain sniff', and the optimism of trying to get them lined up for a photo (especially emphathised with the guy on the left whose B is trying to pretend he doesn't belong to him…)

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