• When we pack in the morning, start the enging, leave the campsite, Lela and Binti are already asleep on the couch. I give them a good walk before breakfast, and that sees them through the day. Traveling is definitely a tiresome business for dogs, so the are pretty quiet.

  • I am curious about the leashes I see in the third of your pictures. Are those the "flexis" you mentioned in your other thread? They look quite different from the flexi leads people use over here…....and they look safer. If appearances are not deceiving, they appear to work like a bungee cord, rather than having a reel. This is the sort of thing people use here:


  • No, those are leashes with a flexible part for use on the bike, or when jogging. But they are also comfortable on a regular walk. They are similar to this on: http://www.zooplus.nl/shop/honden/halsband_lijn/looplijn/looplijn/190197
    The leash in your link is the same kind we use also.

  • @kjdonkers:

    The leash in your link is the same kind we use also.

    Back before these became popular for dog walking, someone brought them out for horse lunge lines. It looked like a good idea…....no slack to control......until I was lunging a fractious youngster and he yanked the handle out of my hand. Pursued by the scary handle, he bolted and ran wild around the ring (lucky it was in a contained area!) for quite a while before I was able to settle him down and get hold of him. Fortunately he didn't hurt himself (or me!) in his panic. That experience soured me on the whole flexi thing, but at least with a lunge line it was a wide cotton web, and not so likely to injure someone.

    Like any other piece of equipment, flexis can be used in relative safety if the handler is paying attention. Unfortunately, too few do. I stay far, far away from anyone using them, as I have a dog aggressive dog, and I don't need an unexpected "dog in his face"! I am also afraid of being wound up in one. The ones with the flat web are safer, of course, but there are still lots out there with a thin wire, and they are downright dangerous!

    Love your pictures, as always!

  • Great photos, love the one of you with the dogs and the beautiful Italian countryside in the background. They look like great travelers.

  • Very lovely pics.

  • I don't know… those pictures... damned shame to have those stressed out dogs <cough>. Next time take me and Chealsie instead and let those terrified dogs stay home ... we'll enjoy it more, won't we Chealsie? Obviously they were happy campers. 🙂 Literally. :)</cough>

  • I would love it….. it really may be whats in the best interest of the dogs.....after all, they cant have wine to calm their nerves!

  • First Basenji's

    Pictures are wonderful, magnifico! (?) So funny that no matter where in the world a Basenji travels, there is always a sunny place! they look so at home and bravo to you for making sure that they are drained of energy for the travel! I love the picture of them in the sun on the dashboard of your travel van!

  • Such wonderful pictures - they look so great together!

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