Lela and Binti on a short break in Germany

A few pics from the sisters in the Bavarian snow and otherwise.
As a precaution we had brought shoes and thick coats with us, but they were fine in their homemade fleece jackets.

Looks like a wonderful trip! I love that photo of them in the car. 🙂

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful countryside! The photo in the car is priceless. Good job on the jackets - don't their feet get cold? Of course, I'm asking because my B's feet, and the rest of her, are cold at anything under 60 degrees F. Guess these dogs acclimate to wherever they are raised.

Fantastic photos! The car photo embodies all that is "Basenji," from the need of warmth and comfort to total ambivalence. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you.
We were surprised too, that they were having so much fun in the snow. Not one time did they whine or complain. It was just below freezing with no wind, so pretty comfortable weather. And we didn't go out longer then 90 minutes.

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