Short video clip of my boy on his walk.
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  • Haven't been on in awhile, so I figured I would post a clip of Cairo on one of his daily walks. He has 3 stitches in the back of his left ear, poor little boy. He had a cyst come up on the back of his ear, little bit smaller than a corn kernel, it was bothering him. So we had it lasered off, its a little tender, but he'll be just fine.

    Anyway, I hope you find the clip amusing as he pees on stuff and tries to dodge leaves on the sidewalk.

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  • Cute, thanks for sharing! Love the autumn leaves but glad I don't have to rake them.

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  • Oh, the pleasure is all mine. Yeah the leaves aren't in my yard, I would hate to have to keep up with them.

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  • First Basenji's

    The first look at his little Basenji butt made me smile!!!

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  • what an enjoyable walk :) great idea :)

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  • Yeeeeaaahhh Buddy!! Cairo howled twice yesterday at the fire truck! First time, that I know of. Bad part about it, I wasn't home to hear him, my mother told me about it.

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