Maya & Family (Plus a short yodel video!!)

I got these pictures on my phone last night so thought i'd share. They're nothing exciting though…

Simon the cat in the flower pot (the flowers are dead suprisingly enough!!)

and here's the video, hopefully!! Those who have met her at shows have no doubt heard her beautiful singing… She is very vocal at shows :rolleyes: But this is just a short one, no idea why she did it!! 😕

And a random video…

Hee hee could be fun when Belle meets her then as she is very vocal at the shows lol

These are great shots! I love the 2 pugs and the B together. Kitty pic is cool too! I had a cat that loved to lay in a planter with a plant in it.

she is so pretty !!!!!!!!
and Simon is cool 😃

I love Maya's head on the second pic 😃

If I ever add a B-girl to the family.. I want it to be a 'Maya' 😉 😃


Such pretty dogs and a darling cat as well.
We have a cat as well, Lucy, ..she doesn't lay in the planters..she likes to sleep with the chickens, in their nestingboxes, preferably on top of the eggs…

oooh it makes the hens so very mad..

LOL! That's too funny Petra! I have to pass that shot to a friend.


Absolutely, enjoy..I laughed so hard once I realized what the hens were arguing about..

Sorry Maya,didn't mean to distract from your thread.

Distract away, i love those pictures!! The hen looks rather disgruntled!!lol

Great pics Maya!! (and from all the other cats also)
She is great..


Sorry from me as well, Maya. That was rude of me..

Love the pics and her yodel! Such a sweet voice she has!

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