Maya, Labradors & Pugs

Some pictures of my lovely gang yesterday 😃


DeeDee, you may remember she had that huge litter (6 pups) not even 5 months ago, isn't she looking fab? 😃

And thats her baby Rio carrying the bone:


Deeds again:


DeeDee and Saffie:

More to come…

The small folk:

Maya dive bombed Lilah! 😃

More to come…

And being harrassed by Rio

Then we did some showjumping…



And Lilah, think we'll have to work on tidying those front legs up!!lol

And some of the little people in prison… Can you tell how much Maya loves being in prison? :rolleyes:

Sneaky bum sniff:

Too cute!!!:)


LOvely pictures. I adore your have such great mix..

I'm impressed at Maya staying put! More lovely photos. We thought we'd see Mum and Chi at Crufts and were disappointed.

Thanks all!

Maya tried to scale the pen but its very wobbly and with the naughty pugs jumping at it she kept falling off 😃

We did get to Crufts yesterday, we were sat around the ring most of the morning but left early to get home to take over from our puppy sitter 🙂

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