Maya with her Labs and Pug

Thought i'd share these pictures of Maya and co 🙂

Maya first:


With Chloe:

And in their conservatory:

Maya decided to rearrange the sofa :rolleyes:

Butter wouldn't melt… :p

Jess, I love that the dogs have their own area, where couches can be chewed, furniture rearranged, etc. They all look so content!


lovely pictures Jess…I have to admit..the sofa looks much more cozy now..:);)

They certainly look comfortable 🙂 They look like very happy pups!

Your canine family have a lovely life!

They are all beautiful. I love your family of dogs.

Thanks all! 😃

Thats their room, everything is chewable and playable 😃

I notice Maya has 'acquired' most of the throw!!

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