Maya with her Labs and Pug
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  • Thought i'd share these pictures of Maya and co :)

    Maya first:


    With Chloe:

    And in their conservatory:

    Maya decided to rearrange the sofa :rolleyes:

    Butter wouldn't melt… :p

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  • Jess, I love that the dogs have their own area, where couches can be chewed, furniture rearranged, etc. They all look so content!

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  • Houston

    lovely pictures Jess…I have to admit..the sofa looks much more cozy now..:);)

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  • They certainly look comfortable :) They look like very happy pups!

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  • Your canine family have a lovely life!

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  • They are all beautiful. I love your family of dogs.

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  • Thanks all! :D

    Thats their room, everything is chewable and playable :D

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  • P

    I notice Maya has 'acquired' most of the throw!!

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