• I havent put any pictures on of Maya for a while, mostly because we have nothing interesting to share. Her last show was the beginning of December and she hasnt had/got another one until Crufts next month so she's mostly been enjoying the pampered life of a couch potato 😃 It suits her for sure, she is the princess afterall 😉 Today she didnt get up until 11:30am :eek: she came down for her pee and breakfast and then got up on the sofa until we went for a walk. I think she is enjoying this all a little too much :rolleyes:

    Anyway, here's madam:

    Paws. This is her one and only trick and she loves it cos she has trained me so well. When she does "high 5", I feed have to feed her :p

    Pretty baby:

    its a hard life :rolleyes:

    And a mad 5 mins racing around the garden!

  • hi Jess , thanks for sharing those lovely pictures. Maya is such a beauty, and both Kipawa and I think she deserves her 'being a princess' time.

    I just love your backyard - it's bigger than ours and would surely give Maya lots of Basenji 500 room.

    The best of luck to you and Maya at Crufts!

  • Beautiful.

  • What wonderful pictures! And a lovely lovely Maya!

  • Oh Jess, I can see how cruelly Maya is treated!

  • Jess, she is a spoiled little princess! 😃

    Great to see some pics again!

  • Thanks all! She is totally pampered, but she is a lovely girl so she deserves it 😃

  • Looking forward to seeing you both at Crufts :-)…

  • @saba:

    Looking forward to seeing you both at Crufts :-)…

    😃 Not long now!

  • The Princess is looking gorgeous as usual, i love the paw pics.
    Basenjis are masters at the art of going from complete relaxation to razzing around and then back again, aren't they ?

  • @Maya:

    😃 Not long now!

    Yeah maybe ;)…

    just wish I could get my Passport sorted, Im sooooooooo over the whole thing. we have had about 4 appointments to get it done, and finally Richard, olivia and Imogen's are in the system, but mine ?????????????????????????????? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no, not yet... we are leaving in 21 days. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh... Looks like I will definately be needing to pay another exhorbitant fee on top of the already exhorbitant fee they charge, just to get it rushed through !!! Soooooooooooo over it, and I dont want to hear the word Passport, stat dec, gurantor EVER again !!!

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