• Im trying to spring clean my house and am currently clearing my living room and hallway to repaint as its looking rather "tired", probably due to wet, muddy dogs leaning on the walls all the time… Maya was being rather a pain, following me around and "helping" with everything i was doing so i finally lost my patience and told her to get out of my way :rolleyes:

    Anyway, this is obviously the only "out of the way" place Maya could find 😃

  • Too cute 🙂 Have any shows Maya's been in been televised? Chris swears he saw a B named Maya on TV one day. He says he noticed because she looked just like Paco…little white diamond on top the head and all.

    We were told Paco's mother's sister is a show dog, so Chris is always paying attention. :p

  • Possibly her stakes finals may have been televised, there were television cameras recording it, but they didnt tell us whether it would be shown anywhere.. The Crufts cameras were also filming Maya when she was getting fussed by some kids but it didnt appear in the UK coverage.

  • Perhaps something made it's way over here, then. It's always fun to basenji-watch on weekends. 🙂 Maya looks like she's really sad you won't let her help, lol.

  • Yeah, who knows what makes itself onto TV in other countries 😃

    Maya is now on the sofa with me so much happier!

  • Give in to Maya - hand her a paint brush when the time comes to paint. LOL! They have animals that paint and have made good $$ selling the paintings. Who knows - a famous basenji artist?

  • Love how your laundry basket has teeth marks all the way around it!!!!:):)

  • Jess, how could you tell her to "Get out of the way !" 😃
    Love the pics.

  • Poor Maya! She looks so dejected after being told to get out of the way! How could say that to her? :rolleyes: 😃

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