Bored Yet?? More Maya & Family!! (Lots)

You all bored yet? :p

These were taken last night. Maya and family had helped me dig the hole for the pond (finally done!!!) and then i thought i'd take some pics while they were playing. Maya does nothing to support the whole stereotype of basenjis being beautiful, elegant things… She's a little rough hellraiser 😃

Anyway, these are some pics of Maya and her family. Hope you enjoy!


Cassia, Delilah the Pug and Riley in the Background:


Being a mummies girl :rolleyes:

Playing with her little cat toy!

Jumping over Rileys bum. Dont think he was overly impressed!

Maya and Cassia attacking poor Riley lol

Maya and Lilah on a mission!

Beautiful Maya

Maya and Riley in the background

Pretty girl


Lilah Close Ups!

A rather pretty profile if i may say so myself! Shame i chopped her ears off :o

Attacking Riley again:

And just some cute ones of Maya and Lilah in their bed:

Well done if you got to the end!!! :eek:

Lovely pics:D I love the one of Maya playing with the cat toy, so typical basenji:D

Cassia and Riley are really beautiful dogs! Of course.. Maya is a very pretty girl as well!! She only needs to grow into her ears 😃 😃 Love it! 😃

Great photos! Basenjis are elegant…sometimes, and clowns..often!

Beautiful pictures but then…you have beautiful subjects. Your dogs are all great. I have the hardest time looking at pugs without thinking of the movie "Men in Black".


Maya is beautiful… and seems to get along so well with Lilah. I love the picture of Lila with her tongue out, it's adorable. But poor Riley... seems to get picked on so much, LOL!!!;)

Great photos! Thanks for sharing them!

What a great blended family of dogs you have.
Thanks so much for sharing these photos.

Thanks for the replies everyone!! 😃 And the lovely comments :o

Riley is definately the bottom of the pecking order, bless him! The biggest though, he weighs over 6stone so could easily sort the naughty girls out 😃 But they all get on really well 🙂

Maya is such a cutie - and so happy to have a pack to play with. Keep the pics coming.

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