Pics of Fiji in Little Italy

Ok, we'll see if this works…:rolleyes: here are some pics of Fiji at work, patrolling the neighborhood and back at the loft.

OMG soo Cute. Congrats on the bundle of joy 😃

Aah.. pretty girl.. She seems right in place there on the couch.

Oh yes, she's taken over already. Gives me a stern look about halfway up our five flights of stairs but she forgives me once she hits the couch, or the deck for some sunbathing.

That looks like one cold little Basenji in your profile picture! 😉

It feels good that she is feeling right at home, doesn't it?

The boy in my avatar has been with us for two weeks now. We picked him up in Sweden. I really don't know how he survived in the snow: it's very rainy here, but not too cold. he still really hates it to go out!

Such a pretty girl! 🙂

She is a very pretty girl, and looks quite at home. Wonderful that you adopted a rescue, too.
Anne in Tampa

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