• I brought back my dog from Northern Ghana several months ago. They don't breed dogs in Ghana the way we do here, but all his red, barrel-chested brothers there are usually used for hunting (I am under the impression that basenji's in the Congo are similarly not a breed, but share resemblances that have come to be selected by Europeans as fitting a certain type…maybe i have the wrong idea?) Regardless, I'm sure with the long history of trade in Africa that they are related. In the US now, he is often mistaken for a basenji. He does bark, but it is very restrained, and he kind of catches the sound in his mouth. The major difference between him and basenjis is behavior. My dog is very mild-mannered and so eager to please that he almost never gets into trouble. quite a joy.

    Thought you might like to see the basenji's cousin.

  • First Basenji's

    what a uniquely handsome soul!! I love the shot where his eyes are looking up without moving his head…so Basenji like!!! How did you happen to acquire him? Was it a hassle to export/import him back to the USA? Good luck with this guy!

  • What a beautiful dog! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to hearing more about your pup

  • @Buddys:

    what a uniquely handsome soul!! I love the shot where his eyes are looking up without moving his head…so Basenji like!!!

    I so agree - that's Butu's "I've done something I really hope that you don't find out about" look…

  • Welcome and thanks for sharing your story and photos. He is a gorgeous dog, wonderful that you were able to bring him back with you.

  • What a sweetie! Love those expressive eyes! How did you come about getting him?

  • He's adorable, i too love that second picture. He certainly does look Basenji like.
    Like everyone else i am curious to hear more about his story and how you came to bring him to Calafornia.

  • I was living in Ghana for a few years and the year before I left had gotten my dog as a puppy from a neighbor. We became so attached, of course, that I couldn't leave him behind. It actually was very easy to bring a dog into the country–only a proof of rabies vaccination was required (surprising since the US has the strictest immigration laws for people!). He has adjusted very well, loves taking walks with a leash (in ghana he would run wild, and follow me around on my bicycle.) He refuses to walk in wet grass, though, which is something I think he shares with basenjis? I didn't post any pictures of how his forehead wrinkles--that's when he looks most like a basenji!

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