Admittedly Odd Puppy Food Question

  • Okay, so this is a weird question, but I just received a bag of Fromm's dry puppy food and it is a rock-hard chunk. I've never used Fromm's before, so did spending a week in freezing cold delivery trucks turn this stuff into a brick? I've had numerous brands of dog food delivered in the winter before, but I've never had it arrive like this. I'm guessing I should return it… or buy an ice pick and use it as a jumbo chew?

  • None of my Fromm bags have ever come like that. Then again FL "winters" don't result in freezing cold delivery trucks 🙂

    I'd return it too.

  • Sigh. I miss Southern California.

    I still don't get what happened to it, but back it goes.

  • It's not vacuum sealed is it? Although I don't think they package it that way.

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  • First Basenji's

    Yeah, what Nemo asked. My Fromm's usually comes in vacuum sealed packs. Until you open it, yes, it's quite a brick!

  • I haven't bought Fromms in awhile, so I didn't know they vacuum packed. Cool. Origen and Acana come as solid bricks too for that reason.

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  • Fromms is all I feed and I love it, the cold certainly could be the culprit but truthfully it is already vacuum sealed and so the kibble a are already a bit compressed in the bag. Vent it and let it sit for the day.

  • I have never seen Fromm's in a vacuum sealed package? The ones that I get are in regular bags? Is this something new they are doing?

  • I may have found the problem. When I looked closely, I saw pinpricks in the back of the bag, and it looks like the bottom of the box has gotten wet, then dried, in transit. So maybe moisture intruded the bag? I've never seen vacuum sealed dog food do like this, so something's off. Fromm's said not to use it, so I'm going to swap it out. The Nature's Miracle leaked all over stuff in another box, so the shipping gods are not with me this week. 🙂

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Oof, I'd return the order…

  • I know, right– you try to be organized and ready, then it's back to square one because everything arrives damaged! Ah, well, back it all goes...

  • I feed Fromm's dry food and it's never come in a vacuumed sealed bag?

  • The smallest bags, grain free are what I feed and I swear they are.

  • This is my first experience with the Fromm brand, but the bags are sealed. The valve is on the side.

    Fromm’s email said extreme changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure could have caused air to build up in the bag, then it was completely expelled through the one-way valve during palletization and transport. Solid Gold has hermetically-sealed bags, so I’m used to the sealing, but this looks way different. The valve could have been damaged, so Fromm’s said to send it back.

    I wish I could just buy the food locally, but it’s special order and would take three weeks to get it in!!!

  • @Chealsie508:

    The smallest bags, grain free are what I feed and I swear they are.

    ahhh that is why… are correct the small grain free version is vacuum sealed but all the regular versions are not 🙂

  • Pamela, have you been owned by another dog??? Just wondering!

  • Not quite yet, Chealsie, but soon! The breeder is still people matching, so I'm waiting to hear. I have everything but the puppy… and now, the food.

    I'll introduce him when I know who he is. The suspense is killing me! 🙂

  • I'm so incredibly happy for you! You, more than anyone I've "met" is the most deserving, you've had a hard road with Spencer and I know he is pushing for you and this. He is going to be one very lucky pup.

    A major Congratulations!!

  • Thanks, Chealsie– that's so kind of you! It has been bittersweet on many levels. But new year, new beginnings...

    Now I get to relive crate training!

  • Congrats on your "pending" puppy…. who are you getting your puppy from?....

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