• So Maverick can ONLY eat one cup of dog food a day, if I even try and split it up or give him even a 1/4th a cup more at bedtime, he throws it up… Not normal right? I asked out vet (but he doesnt have experience with Basenjis.. but that doesnt matter we have to find a new vet out here in Hawaii!) and I was told one cup it plenty half in am half in pm and he IS gaining weight never losing any... so Im not TOO concerned, just wondering why he gets sick if he has more... Its weird.

  • If once a day works for him, nothing wrong with that. I would not worry as long as he is not losing weight.

    Not sure if you ever contacted John Gaidos(Teasers Basenjis), a basenji breeder in Honolulu, but he would be able to give you recommendations for a good Vet. You can find his contact info at http://teazerbasenjis.com/

  • First Basenji's

    Does he 'wolf' it down or does he eat it slow? If he eats too fast a vomit may occur or if he gets too much exercise or excitement an hour before and after. A dog will vomit out of survival. Get rid of the stomach contents before a fight or flight, or exercise or a drastic change in routine and environment. As this is apparently not the scenario in your case, is there anything else you notice. Like Pat said, if he is not loosing weight….But, I just thought of something, are you positive he didn't fill his belly up with something else? From somewhere or someone else?????? Just an objective thought...! Let us know....Debbie

  • I feed twice a day. When Lola was a puppy, she would eat so fast she would throw up at every single meal. I bought a bowl with little dividers in it that forced her to eat slowly. She immediately stopped throwing up. She had to use that bowl for over a year before she learned to pace herself, and now she can finally use a regular bowl without throwing up.

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