My only kid happens to be four legged.

  • I have had all sorts of dogs growing up but never a inside dog and never a Basenji. On 1/21/2011 I drove three and half hours over a state line to meet some woman at a Walmart in some town I don't think I had ever been to before to pick up at that time she was named Emma a five month old that I had found online for free. The nice lady who was fostering Emma explained to me when we met that the authorities had raided a puppy mill and everyone in the area whom fostered was overwhelmed by the number of dogs they were trying to save. She also explained that at any other time she would not give a dog away that was not fixed and explained to me how important to her it was that I had Emma fixed in the next few week which I was happy to agree to. So here I was with a shaking dog with a small case of fleas whom had already gotten car sick on the twenty minute ride to meet me and smelled like doggy puke. Fast forward to present day Cherokee "changed her name from Emma before I even seen her" is Queen of her double wide couch as I like to say and so much part of my life and family I have became one of those people that I use to make fun of with all the pictures of their family dog, buying doggy clothes "only for the winter because it does get cold every now and then" and doggy stories. Oh the stories I have about my Cherokee I could write a book. Now I am thinking of expanding my pack and there is only one breed for me. I want to get another Basenji.

  • Welcome to the forum 🙂

  • I find both the excuses and behavior of the "foster" mom appalling. Low spray/neuter programs– use them, then charge that cost for adoption. Free to a good home is .. well anyway. Luckily Emma got into a good home and is loved.

    Glad you joined. Read. A lot. Know that many basenjis do not get along with even opposite sex, that your best bet is a male. Pictures here are always oohed and ahhed over, don't disappoint us! 🙂

  • Welcome to the forum. I am glad little Cherokee managed to find a good home with you. We would love to see pictures of her!

  • Welcome, have you tried BRAT for your next Basenji?

  • Welcome to you and Cherokee. Basenjis are addictive, and I see you have been bitten by the bug. I hope you find the ideal addition to your home, and as stated, opposite sex is probably your best bet. Good luck on finding the perfect fit! 🙂

  • Welcome & great story!!!
    Basenji's are the best dog & I don't understand why I don't see more people with a Basenji as their dog. Maybe because they are very smart & also not the dog for just anyone. Enjoy the forum.

  • Glad she found a nice home! I hope she was the only Basenji at that puppy mill.


  • Welcome! Neat rescue story, Cherokee was lucky to have found you!

    Another Forum posting today listed a really nice looking male for $50 in South Carolina, not that far a drive!

  • One thing you need to do quickly is get a Fanconi test done and begin urine strip testing.

  • Welcome to the Forum and thank goodness that you rescued Cherokee!

  • Thinly disguised as a forum-it's really a place where you are accepted, understood and loved. We all share the same "problem" -we're all owned by Basenjis and love it! I have two and a B&W foster. Love Cherokee's name-hope you guys find a sibling soon. BTW-my B's are male & female….

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