• My name is Ashley, and I am the proud mom of a Basenji Mix named Bailey!

    My husband and I adopted Bailey from the Hawaiian Humane Society when she was a little puppy, she was one of a litter of 4, and the runt! They know her mom was a PB, and we think dad was probably a terrier of some sort.

    Our girl is a tiny B mix, only 14 pounds. She is a dark cream color, so momma was probably a red, and a 100% Basenji personality!

    We just moved to West Texas from Hawaii, and so far our little girl is loving the sun and warm weather!

    We are hoping to add to our pack in the near future, Bailey loves playing and would really benefit from a brother or sister. We have been considering breeders, and BRAT!

    I am excited to be on this forum and share everyone's love for the breed!

  • very cute! welcome to the forum.

  • She looks like a real sweetheart! Welcome to the forum.

  • Welcome 🙂

    Bailey is simply adorable!

  • First Basenji's

    Very cute gal! I especially like her expression in the second photo. Super alert face.

  • Welcome! Bailey is darling, a "mini-basenji". There are many options for a second basenji: we have some great breeders on this Forum, rescue group BRAT is in every state, or just keep checking here in Forum. There are people who scan for basenjis in shelters and post them here (recently several in Texas). Good luck, tow (or more) make life fun and interesting!

  • First Basenji's

    OMGosh! She has a GREAT face!

  • She is a real sweetie. Welcome to the Forum. What Basenji characteristics does she have? Can she bark, for instance?

  • A big welcome to you Ashley, and to the lovely little Bailey! She's a real cutie pie - I'd find it hard to pass her by if I went to a shelter (and that's why I don't visit shelters).

    Stick around and you will enjoy all the information and basenji friendships very enriching!

  • We have been watching BRAT, looking at breeders around here, and I have been watching the local rescues!

    Bailey's basenji characteristics are:

    -Jumping, as a 4 1/4lb puppy she could climb her baby gate, and get on the kitchen table. She can now jump 4-5 feet, she has also pulled things off the kitchen counter that were no where near the edge.

    -Yodeling, barooing, meow sounds, howling. She only barks if she is trying to get your attention or if she is playing with another dog that barks. Her barks don't sound normal though, she sounds very hoarse, and they were mimicked sounds from other dogs. Barking is a very rare occurence.

    -The basenji 500 is a normal occurence in our home.

    -She enjoys perching on the back of the couch, crossing her front paws, chasing anything that moves, and various other basenji poses.

    -Her overall intelligence is incredible, she knows a huge variety of words (but is picky about following commands). We have also taught her how to say please, I love you, I want now/bone, and she learned no herself.

    She meet her first pure bred basenjis at the vet in Hawaii, I have never seen her take to another dog immeadiately… she is usually a people dog but has become friends with other dogs after a few times meeting them.

  • Welcome Ashley and Bailey. I'm beginning to realize that when it is Basenji in the mix the B traits seem to dominate, and from your description and pics she Bailey is a true B, in disguise. Our Mr Baroo is a B, Am Staf mix but everything in his personality is Basenji. AND all of the B characteristics seem to be magnified, making them a joy to have in the family and hard not to love. I'm 72 have had dogs all my life, ****ers, poodles, GSD's, redbone coon dogs, and many more but the greatest loves of my life, other than my lovely wife, are our PB Bitty and mix Baroo. Love Bailey to death as that is waht she needs, and always maintain your sense of humor. Once again, welcome to the forum, may you be a member for life.

  • Welcome… Honolulu?

  • We where on Windward Oahu! The rain was tough on her, but she sure loved all the birds to chase!

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