• It has been a long time since I last posted on the forum, been very busy and a lot has happened. Some of you may remember that last year around august I rescued a small poodle/type dog. I asked around near my house and she didn't belong to anyone. Thereare so many stray dogs around that , its not strange that no one claimed her. I named her Rosie and after a few days I knew that I wasn't really trying to find her a home. I was trying not to find her a home and she became a part of my home. She is awesome.. doesn't really like to fool around with Ayo, but otherwise they get along well and she is a wonderful pet. About a month ago I was walking in the park with Ayo and Rosie, when down the path a man with three children are walking towards me.. The man looks at her and keeps staring and suddenly cries "NIna, NIna"..and Rosi ran towards them!! She obviously knew the,m, and was very happy to see them. They kept saying, she looks just like NIna. He was right and I knew it, we kept walking together and after a while i confirmed what I felt , the second I saw him. This was Rosies family and her name was Nina. The family had been away from home for the weekend last August. They had left her and their other dogs, a chihuahua and a rotweiller puppy with the servants in their house. There was a very strong thunderstorm. She got really scared and slipped through a hole in the fence and was lost. They live about 8 blocks from my house. The funny thing is I walk by their home often and we had never run into each other. I felt horrible,.. i felt happy for them, especially the kids were so happy, but I felt horrible ,but they were very nice and very grateful and at the same time understood that I had had her for so many months. They asked me to please consider giving her back and with great pain I gave her back. I had their phone numbers and as it usually happens here, it turns out they where friends of friends and its was a coincidence we actually didn't know each other… That night was the worst. I felt horrible, i missed her a lot, and I felt happy for them, but I felt stupid, and I also felt a little angry, I kept thinking, that they left her with the service and she got lost, and that I never saw a missing dog sign around their home so they must not have looked hard enough or else they would have found me.. But that wasn't fair, and the truth is,once I fell in love with her i really didn't look very hard for her real family .... I was very sad, couldn't sleep, she had her own spot on the bed and it was strange without her. But the next day I got a call from the man, his name is luis, and he said that he had talked it over with the children and had convinced them to give Rosie (Nina) back to me. He said he was worried because the rotweiller had now grown and she had already had an incident with Rosie in the past and was very aggressive towards her now. He said they had seen how much i loved her and how well I took care of her that they wanted to let me have her. I was so happy, they kept her for a couple of days and then brought her to me. and she is right here with me.....Now I pass by their house every once in a while and she plays around with the kids and we have all actually become friends. I even ran into their grandparents the other day, who it turns out also live around here and recognized Rosie on the sidewalk.... .. .. Here is a picture of both of them in the park......

  • I am glad that you did not have to give Rosie up 🙂 How wonderful that they decided that she is safest with you and that in the process Rosie's family only grew larger 🙂

  • Thanks.. I am so grateful.. Nice Blog…..:-)

  • First Basenji's

    What an exciting story! A little sad and bittersweet, but a touching conclusion in the end. It is also a good reminder of how dogs can put us in touch with our immediate community. I hope that you will stay in touch with Rosie's former family – good "dog neighbors" are precious and important to hold on to, in my opinion.

  • What a wonderful story, so happy for both families

  • yes.. it really is… they are really nice people .......

  • Happy endings for everyone! Obviously the cosmos knew who Rosie should be with. Kudos to her first family for understanding that Rosie/Nina would be safer and much better off with you. And since you all live so close, it's not like they will never see her again. When I hear about things like this, I feel my faith in the human race is restored a little more.

  • I know.. i was so amazed by this family, they were incredible, very nice people indeed….

  • That is such a nice story. Thanks for sharing. And are you calling her Rosie or Nina now?

  • It was obviously meant to be and I'm very happy for you all.

  • I am glad they did what was best for the dog! I would keep her name as Rosie.


  • I call her Rosie… it just stuck.....

  • Thank you for sharing! It reminds me of the saying, "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it is yours. If not, it never was…". It's so nice to hear a happy ending. Here's a baroo to Rosie dear! 🙂

  • Thanks you for sharing that wonderful story! They got to have closure and know what happened to their pup, and you got her back in the end. I'm sure that first night was awful, but you did the right thing to let them take her, and they did the right thing to give her back to you! "Win-win" all around.

  • First Basenji's

    That was such a heartwarming story, I am using a Kleenex now!!! I am happy for all those involved, especially you and Rosie, since that Rottie does not seem like a good mix at the house….!

  • It was a very strange week for me. That day, I went out for my daily walk and two hours later I didnt have Rosie anymore.. It was awful, and I felt good for them, but at the same time I felt angry and wasn't sure if I should have waited a few days before returning her.. I hate when I make such quick decisions, I always wonder if I did the right thing.
    The next morning I'm driving to work and the phone rings …..
    then I knew I had done the right thing, because they really had her well being in mind and they were very concerned that the Rottie would hurt her. and since we live close by, we see each other often now. I walk by their house , usually on weekends.....

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