For Those of You Who Know And Have Coursed With Hafta In The Past…

  • Tomorrow will be the last day to hear the Yodel.
    Yuhafta cross the rainbow bridge sometime.
    She has run her last great course.
    What a great course it was.
    Yuhafta Yodel gave us so much.
    Now it is time for us to give back to her.
    Eighteen and one-half years old she is.
    I tried to squeeze as much life from her as I could.
    But there is a time when one must decide
    When it is time to find another place to reside.
    It has been a wonderful time. Now we must let her go.
    Tomorrow will be Yuhafta Yodel's last day.

  • Eighteen and a half is remarkable. We all know we have to let them go sometime. It never gets any easier and she will leave a huge hole in your heart. My sympathies. I have been down that road too many times myself.

  • Susan and Lamar,

    Sorry to hear, I know you will miss her. But so true, she had a great run!

    Our hearts join you in celebration of a wonderful girl a wonderful mom, and a great courser!

    With love,

    Bob and Terry Reed

  • Sending you my deepest sympathy and recognition of a beautiful life lived.

  • You have my sympathies…

    May she run free...

  • Hugs to both you Lamar and Susan too! She is a grand girl and will have many that have passed before her waiting to help her over the Rainbow Bridge. God Speed sweet girl

  • I'm so sorry. I posted in the other thread before I saw this one, but what an inspirational girl and what a wonderful life.

  • What a wonderful, long life she gave you.
    Run free Hafta.

  • It's always hard no matter how old they are. My sympathy are with you.

  • Today we allowed our Hafta to pass. She went peacefully, but I have to add this post so that she may pass with grace and respect.

    In December I had stated that she was the longest running lure coursing Basenji. That was a miss statement of which my wife, Susan is making me correct so that Hafta may pass with grace and honor. What I meant to state was Hafta was the first Basenji to hold the #1 position is ASFA all year in 1996 since Basenji's were admitted into ASFA in 1975, and she was dual champion.

    Now that I have corrected that statement, I hope her honor has been restored. She is to Susan and I, more than just a dog or a pet. She was our best friend, confidant and our comfort blanket.

    It was so hard to let her go this evening, but we know it was in her best interest.

    Thank you so much, all of you whom sent your condolences. We appreciate it more than you will know.

    So long my best friend. So long.


  • What a lovely tribute to a lovely girl. You did her proud! She will be missed… and remembered... by many.

    I'm sitting here holding my frail old boy close, thinking what amazing creatures they are... and what a great gift they give. I'm glad you were able to cherish Hafta's loving friendship for 18-1/2 years, though it is never enough.

  • I also responded on the other thread. My sympathies are with you. She was a good courser and I remember us (Charlie D. & I) coursing with you in SC at the ASFA II. I think we also coursed together at the ASFA II in CA in the San Francisco area.


  • Yes. I remember. I had great admiration for Merlin and I still do. These two dogs were great running dogs. Not because Hafta was mine. But removing myself from the situation and just watching, she looked so great as did Merlin. The concentration on his face was intense. Maybe they will be running together again someday.

  • We also had Joee and Beau Beau that coursed. Merlin passed away a few years ago and lived to about 16 years old. Merlin and Hafta loved to course and I know they are chasing bunnies together. Merlin would also be flirting with her as he loved the ladies!


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