Good god, so much poop….

so…...................the new thing with Waffles is that we have switched her food from Holistic Select to Fromms. She wasnt eating the Holistic Select hardly at all, but she was doing great with potty training (probably because her intake of food was lower).

Now that she is on Fromms, she LITERALLY craps 5 minutes after she eats. And lets not forget, she has just gone out 15 minutes prior. Now this is suddenly happening, and hasn't happened before. It's insanely annoying and aggravating at the same time.

Any responses as to what we can do or what is causing this?

This is the oro-colic reflex. Eating actually causes them to poop. Use this to your advantage. Take her out as soon as she finishes eating.

Why is it annoying or aggravating, don't understand that comment?…. During potty training that is one of the key things... outside immediately after eating. As nkjvcjs said above this is normal?

How fast did you switch the food? Not uncommon to have poo issues if you switched the food quickly. I'll 3rd what Nicole & Pat said, with a puppy you pretty much need to take them out immediately after they eat - normal to need to go right after eating. Be patient. 😉

Healthy food = healthy bowels! Don't think of it as aggravating - think of it as Waffles now having a finely tuned machine inside of him that does not let waste product hang around in his body.

Kipawa poops 3 times on our dyke walks! I guess all the activity gets him going, as does his morning feeding. I think it just moves everything along, much like Waffles. 🙂

Is the poop normal in consistency and color? If so, she is probably not having any problems.


As others have mentioned, It would be nice to know how much time you have taken to transition the food from one to the other. Did you do this gradually, or did you suddenly just change it? How much food are you feeding at one time?

Hopefully the stools are solid. Like Pat and others have said, its normal for a puppy, esp when very young to have to go potty right after eating. Of course this changes based on the time of day. In morning after being kenneled all night our new puppy(17 weeks now) goes directly to the front door and out to pee. We bring her in, she gets a drink of fresh water and eats breakfast. After breakfast its straight outside for a BM(Poop). This new puppy is always supervised when not in the kennel. We do not let her run amok unless we are watching her run amok and laughing. She is only allowed to run amok for our entertainment at this point.

We know from experience that after a puppy plays for 15 to 20 minutes, that they usually have to go out and pee. We make sure we do this also. When the new puppy is fed lunch, she will hold her poop for several hours. If I feed her at 11:00 AM, she will not usually go until 3:30 PM. I know this by paying attention. After we feed her dinner sometimes she does not have a BM until the next morning and will hold it through the night,

Of course every dog is different. The trick is learning each others schedules, getting them to fit one another, and paying attention and learning your dogs cues and routine. By the way our new puppy Lulu is a female. As I mentioned she is now about 17 weeks.

My adult male will have to go to the bathroom quickly after eating usually within 15 minutes but he does have esophagus/stomach problems and is on an intestinal diet. None of my other adults do this but I let them all out after eating.


As others have mentioned, It would be nice to know how much time you have taken to transition the food from one to the other. Did you do this gradually, or did you suddenly just change it? How much food are you feeding at one time?

Agreed. Basenjis are very delicate to food changes (at least ours are).

One comment that I will make about food changes is that if you change food on a regular bases between 3 or 4 different brands, I think many will find that food changes then become much less of a problem. I had never done that in the past, but with Franie and C-Me I did from the beginning. I make sure that one that I use is easily found in most all pet stores (like Natural Balance) in case I am on the road and whatever I have brought with me goes bad or I run out, I can always pick that one up at a store. Since doing this, along with making some of my own as a mixer, I have not had a problem switching foods. I do not think that Basenjis are any more delicate to food changes then other breeds… (again, this is my opinion)

I don't know if you feed your dog before you walk him, but if you don't, you might find walking him first early morning, after waking up will take care of this issue. My boy basenji won't even eat until he has "done" his business.
Same in the afternoon. Walks will empty them and make them hungery.

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