• Keoki, our 8.5 year-old basenji has begun having a strange problem and I am wondering what could be causing it. Within the last week he seems to be dropping one piece of poop about every other day when he is just walking around the house. Sometimes it happens after he has gone outside to do his business and others just at random times. He doesn't even seem to know it is happening. I am concerned that there might be something wrong or it is a nervous behavior or something.

    He has done this before when we go on walks and he is really excited and can't make it to "his spot" but now that it is happening at random times and in the house I am not sure of the cause. 😕

    He was at the vet about a month ago and checked out great. Any ideas?


  • I would take him back to the vet just to be sure everything is A-OK. If there hasn't been a change in diet or activity, this seems a little strange to me, but your vet will quickly reassure you. 🙂

  • i'd try a chiropractor vet. my tri-ing dog sometimes has problems with sleep-pooping and it generally means his back is out. the holistic vet (who does chiro adjustments) said when the back is out, it is more painful to the dog to squat/push/poop so he's reluctant to do so.

  • He is getting to be an old man. Dogs do go through the same aging processes we do. As people age, some wind up with fecal continence problems, most do not. It would be logical that dogs would be the same. They are, after all, mammals just like us.

    If it seems like he doesn't even know it's happening, perhaps Agile is right and his back is out. The nerves are obviously not transmitting the activity to the brain. As for action you can take to keep your floors clean? I'm not sure whether they make Doggie Depends. At least he's a Basenji and not, say, a St. Bernard.

    Good luck and please let us know how it goes. (Bad choice of words??? Oh, well…you get the idea.)

  • Did the vet do a complete blood panel and urinalysis? I have not encountered or heard of this problem before but found this searching Google. I would try the Agilebasenjis advice.


  • Please do let us know what the vet says.

  • My oldie (Jewel) does this - its as though she can't wait to finish when she poops outside and then leaves a 'plop' indoors. I hadn't thought about it as a problem, just old age. I'll be interested to see what information you get from the vet. I don't have a cleaning problem with it either because she is fed raw and her poop is quite firm so doesn't really leave any stain.

  • Seems to be simply behavioral, but I appreciate everyone's advice. I think he had a slight case of separation anxiety and was afraid to be away from us for too long. We have solved it by standing outside with him until he is done. We have a doggy door so he can come and go as he pleases, but it turns out he doesn't like that much freedom or he likes an audience. Either way we have not had the problem again since I posted. Thanks again though!

  • My 2 dogs don't use our backyard unless its an emergency.
    We walk them to "do" their business away from their yard…

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