Pooping in the Bush
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When my wife and I got Cosette in Bénin, getting her to pee wasn't an issue; she quickly learned to pee on dirt or in grass (but not in the house). But she refused to poop unless she could find a nice patch of bush (tall grass, weeds, thickets, etc.) to burrow into first.

Even now that she's in the U.S., she almost exclusively poops in stands of tall grass or thick bunches of weeds. She'll sometimes settle for a lawn that needs a good mowing, but even that is a last resort.

It makes sense that a dog used to African forests (and, nowadays, motorcycle-clogged roads) would prefer the relative safety of a thicket rather than being indisposed in a more public setting. But then again, there could be snakes in that bush!

So is this pooping in the weeds typical basenji behavior or a quirk unique to our dog?

My lab-sharpi mix was a privacy please while I poop type. He would even turn his backside to me in an exposed area. He also would let out a gentle woof as if asking for privacy. I just learned to find similar places that he was comfortable and made the best of it.

I think the tall grass/bush thing is about keeping their space clean. Cain would only poop in a certain area if inside his fenced yard.


Perhaps you can build him an enclosed area , let the grass grow a bit longer in there. Pick up each time so it stays clean.

Not typical Basenji behavior.... Each are different.... and I think many breed of dogs and/or mixes prefer a slightly secluded place

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First Basenji's

Thanks for the replies. It doesn't bother me so much (if I'm getting impatient, I can just find the nearest yard that needs to be mowed). I was just curious!

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