Moor water - a possible cure for poop eating

Our Binti loves to eat poop. We tried several approaches but nothing worked.
Then, one day I was checking a health web shop for animals and came across the mysterious word 'veendrenkstof' (moor water in english).
I checked it out and it is a black gooey substance that smells of decay (plant material from moors in Germany).
It had great reviews for intestinal problems, healthy fur, and poop eating, so I gave it a shot. After more than a week and a teaspoon a day, mixed with her kibble, her interest in illegal outdoor snacking seems less and less.


Wow, sounds like a good resolution to the problem. One of mine used to try to get "cat cookies" from the litterbox, but we had to have our old kitty put down a while back, and there's been no transfer to outdoor poop, thankfully. When it comes to the B's, WHATEVER works is a great solution even the moor water you refer to, even though it sounds disgusting.

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Hey kjdonkers! I looked at the link you provided, and there is no shipping to the US. I even googled sanofor but none in the u.s. that I could find. This looks like a good product and the write up and comments seem to be truthful. I guess I'll have to contact the company and have a local vendor receive it. thanks for sharing!

Hope you can find a distributor. Or, if not, start your own Moor Water business in the US…
I see that Amazon Germany sells it, maybe wants to do it too:

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Actually when I went on Amazon, all the Moor products were for human spa treatments! Kinda funny! Spa treatment vs anti-poop eating!!!:)

when dogs eat poop they are usually lacking some vitamins and minerals. the best if you can find it is GREEN TRIPE. go to a really good butcher and ask if he can fins for you and freezer pack portions for you. feed this to you dog outside (it stinks to high heaven). Green tripe is the undigested stomach of the cow, it hasnt been cleaned like at the supermarket.

Hi, thanks for the input, very helpful - we already found suppliers.

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