• If you recall, my Basenji, Bailey, has been quite a handful. I posted information in the health section, but her problems aren't health related.
    -Bailey for the past couple of days has been eating with the pack!
    She isn't too interested in me feeding her.
    -Bailey has also stopped being so aggressive and snarky - I didn't say she has completely stopped - but the clicker training has made a huge difference in her behavior. When she starts to act out, Bailey looks at me to see my reaction, then stops.
    -Bailey seems much more attached to me since I was injured breaking up the Basenji fight. She seems very concerned about my leg and wants to be as close to me as she can get. That's also an improvement.
    -Bailey has been more playful and I think she is beginning to understand SHE IS HOME!!! All the dogs are so much happier with Bailey, too.

    Thank you all for good advice. Y'all helped me through a hard time and every day I'm thankful I changed my mind about putting her down.

  • Brilliant news Vicki 🙂

  • Houston

    Vicki…such great news. I wish I could be there and give you and Bailey a huge hug...sending a virtual one instead.
    I am very happy to read about her progress and changes. Keep up the good work, it is working wonders on her.

  • Way to go Vicki and Bailey I am very happy for both of you. Bailey your super and love the way she loves and cares so much about you. Give all the dogs special hug and kiss for all of us.

    Rita Jean

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