Poop eating

Hi. I have five year old male basenji. All of sudden he stated eating his own poop. I try to clean the yard as often as I can but the minute I let him out he goes searching.

1. What could be the reason?
2. What r the risks?
3. How to stop this behaviour ?

Thanks in advance

Our Binti east poop also (although not her own).
I have done a lot of research on the net, and talking to people.
The problem can be:

  • food (minerals)
  • mental issue
  • emotional issue
  • behavioural issue (e.g. getting attention by eating poop)
    You need to address all issues individually to find out what the deal is (not easy).
    A therapist told me that in The Netherlands, dogs in training to be guide dogs, and who eat poop, are disqualified (and these organizations employ the BEST trainers).

Forgot to mention that a potassium deficit might be involved.
You can check by feeding banana or cucumber, both high on potassium.
Cucumber is better, because less sugar and calories.
Binti loves it.

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